The Price of Gold…

The Rich Will Be Poorer And The Poor Will Be Richer…

The statement is referred to often by my religious people and gives credence to their thirst for gold as a way of saying that because they are on the side of holiness and goodness they have been blessed with riches.  Those who struggle under the weight of  so-called poverty wonder how it is that the so-called rich rape and pillage them and are blessed by this supposedly merciful God…

One only has to sit and reason this out to know that the logic of this makes no sense.

A fact that must be borne in mind in reference to the quote: ”The richer shall be richer and the poor shall be poorer”, is, this statement was made in reference to the Age of Pisces.  An Age in which mankind satiated himself with more and more of life’s earthly possessions…

This is one of the characteristics of the Age we just left.  It was the Divine Plan for man to acquire as much as he thought he could consume until it made him sick to his stomach.

A wise partner gives guidance and counsel to his child but never prevents him from exercising his so-called free will.  The wise parent knows too well the value of experience.

The Divine Parents knew that the Earth plane was set up to allow for an adventure into, and, with Gold or Matter.

Some of the lower attributes of the Piscean Age are: Greed, Selfishness, Separation, Religious Fanaticism and the Suppression of the Feminine.

What many are missing as they look at the unfolding events of the day, is that the Age of Piscean has ended and although we are experiencing the wash-over effects of the Age just past, the new agenda, that of the Aquarian Age, is the order of the day, going forward…

When you are inclined to become despaired by what seem to be happening, remember also that the new world we say you want, and hope for, cannot be established on the foundation of the old one…

Hence: One cannot put new wine in old sheepskin…

Another famous saying that speaks to the same point: “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die…”

One must die to what no longer works.  He must die to outworn, outmoded erroneous ideas.  Ideas which have no foundation on which to exist in the Aquarian Age.

For the reversal to take place and for everyone to be paid his just wage, the Divine Law must be established on the Earth.

That is what is emerging…

The New Earth….  The New Kingdom…

Established on the Divine Principles of Brotherhood, Unity and Oneness in which the Divine Feminine, the Creative Principle, takes her rightful place in the Administration of the planet.

It is always interesting to listen to people who call themselves light workers fret and worry when things become unstable in the world…

I often ask them: “I thought you said you wanted a new kind of world; how did you think it was going to come about?”

It is one thing to want everything to be wonderful but there is a process to everything and to safeguard oneself against fear and panic he or she must become acquainted with the plan for the transition from the old to the new and what that change entails.

No spaceship is coming to rescue anyone!

The only vehicle that matters and is going to offer any protection is the house of light you have been meticulously building with the aid of your own soul.

When everyone else was trying to acquire all the gold and matter that is impermanent, you were building the house of light required for the next phase of this journey.

After all, that was what coming here was all about.

The true wage of this long journey on this plane of matter is not Gold, but Wisdom.

Solomon discovered this and that is why he is often referred to as a symbol of Wisdom.

It would behoove everyone to investigate why Solomon is described as the wisest man that ever lived.  He who discovered the illusion of Gold or Matter.

The foundation of all the systems that have for far too long supported the most unjust practices toward our fellowman is now crumbling and giving way to what we all know in the recesses of our hearts needs to be a more equitable world…

This brings with it enormous fears.  Though most want a better world, they have very little to no idea of how that will be achieved.

It is also not true that we do not know what is going to happen.  It is known.  To reduce the anxiety, it is time to acquaint oneself with the blueprint of the unfolding plan our older brothers and sisters left for us.

Knowing that this time would come, the members of the Fifth Kingdom, symbolized by the Floating Capstone, are behind the scenes midwifing humanity through this time of enormous change…

Soon they will be seen and known…

All the struggles and pain of the Path of evolution have prepared these souls for this moment in the evolution of humanity, when they will come to the aid of mankind.

These souls are not coming from the skies.

They are right here but can only be seen by those whose focus is not the things that glitter but are pure gold.

This New Age with its 180 degree reversal puts the focus on Spirit, the “Cause”, and not “Matter”, the effect…

These radical changes now occurring are bringing massive fears to the surface for so many who are not able to see what lie ahead…

All our systems are based in separation, hate, prejudice, and ignorance.  This will, and must end.

For many this will be uncomfortable.

We will get to see how invested many are in things remaining as they are.  Those who call themselves “of the light” might be discovered to be most invested.

What will happen when there are no more wars to be fought based on the erroneous concept of “God” versus “Satan”?

What will happen as the pairs of opposites continue to merge…

What will happen when one discovers the person he thought was all wise is the most ignorant.

Interesting times are ahead.

You will grow to appreciate the beauty and power of the Age; if not immediately, in time…

However, the Divine Plan for the transition from the Age of Matter to the Age of Spirit is on track and the new reality will look remarkably different from what we now know…

On the one hand, the public wants things to continue as they are, and even have more of the same with even better yield financially to sustain a secure future rooted in gold and matter…

On the other hand, those who feel disenfranchised are hoping that things do not remain the same in all these systems in which they have not had a voice…

Those whose voices are strongest and who represent the evocative cry of the ninety (90%) percent hold sway over the ten(10%) percent …

Will the power of the spiritually rich tip the balance in favor of a New World in which Brotherhood, Unity and Prosperity for all is the new normal?

I know it will!

The indication from all the information left to us by the Masters of Wisdom and the Arcane Teachings is that the spiritually rich will win this battle between Separation and Unity…

They will triumph…

What is taking place is a re-think about how we live our lives on this planet going forward…

The world will not disappear but most will agree, business as usual cannot and will not continue.

Earth will define riches differently and with this re-orientation of the mind the fear of loss or of not having enough will dissipate.

What is often missing in mankind’s perspective is that his plan for his future bears little resemblance with the soul’s plan for that same future

And given that the soul brought each personality into creation for its purpose, it is clear to see in what direction we are going.

The year 2012 is finally here and the Mayan calendar is slated to end.

Let me remind everyone that the word Maya means illusion.

That is what will end…illusion!

All Arcane Teachings from all cultures, not just the Mayan, knew this day would come.

The Masters of Wisdom have long prepared for the day when mankind would wake out of his slumber and begin to participate consciously in the process of his “self-knowing”.

The time is now…

Few are aware that the reality they now live bears little resemblance to the Divine Plan for their lives and for this planet.

The veil of illusion will finally be parted, giving humanity the opportunity to see for the first time what lies behind the curtain.

The scales will fall from the eyes of humanity and he will begin to truly live and not just exsist!

He will understand the mystery of true GOLD…

For many it will be very difficult since they have been so steeped in a world that makes no sense to the rational mind but which they have embraced so completely.

Note: Spirit is the Highest form of Matter and Matter is the Lowest form of Spirit!

LVX: May Light Be Extended Upon You!


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