Trump, Initiator of Change?

Initiation is described by Alice Bailey in The Externalization of the Hierarchy (p.136) as a moving out from under ancient controls into more spiritual and greater values which brings about an expansion of consciousness leading to the awareness of the inner realities. In this process there is greater control by the soul which increasingly takes direction of the life of the individual. In this context, the 45th President occupying the position of power from the office Presidency of the United States of America was able to help fulfill the role America was established to play which is to be a light to the world! I know you must be saying how can America play such a role when it has so many issues of its own. We all do. All countries and all individuals. I am always reminded that we cannot change what we cannot see and that the first stage of enlightenment is sight, then comes change. How would we have known the degree to which a large swath of the American people, even those who profess to be Christians, do not fundamentally believe that we are ONE! The Age of Aquarius is called the Age of the Brotherhood of Man. How could we transition from Separation into this Age Oneness with seeing what is in need of being transmuted?

The Spiritual Hierarchy cannot accomplish anything on Earth without the use of the human form! And, yes, we agreed to this before coming here but cannot remember. Nothing that has happened over the last 4-5 years was outside of the Divine Plan. We are making a choice. Everyone is doing so consciously or unconsciously. All the events of our lives are forcing us to make a choice and to understand that choice. We have entered the Age of Reason which requires that the decisions we make must be made based on data and not emotions alone. It is the balance of the head and the heart and not the head or the heart that will prevail. This is where wisdom and strength resides…in the middle!

We are experiencing the dawn of the long-awaited Age of Aquarius when Falsehood will give way to Truth, and Separation to One-ness! In spite of the resistance to this change by many, the Divine Plan for Humanity moves forward!

Trump was the vehicle chosen a long time ago to initiate us into this new reality of which the United States of America was to play a central role!

President Biden the Scorpio is initiating the turning back to the Father/Mother’s House!


For a fuller read: The Idea that is the United States of America: Its Occult Foundation:

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