The Monarchy in the Age of Aquarius

The Monarchy of the UK is coming up against the forces of the Egoic Triangle represented by Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto on personal, planetary and cosmic levels. This is the soul force which is now conditioning every entity whether it be the individual human being, the country, or the world to make the next great leap in the journey toward enlightenment, which is the full knowing of the self.  No one is exempt! Everyone must walk that journey to the top of the mountain and it is a journey walked alone under the guidance of one’s soul!

Aquarius is referred to as the Age of the Brotherhood of Man. It is represented by the alchemical symbol of two wavy lines with one on top of the other which relates to the Hermetic axiom: That Which Above is As That Which is Below and is also the alchemical symbol for the process of Dissolution!

Earth is an imperfect reflection of that which is above and to that end, Earth/Humanity is on that tireless onward journey in consciousness to become that reflection of the Above. Aquarius is co-ruled by both Saturn (associated with the pair of opposites- Dominion and Slavery) and the new planet Uranus (The No-Thing, the sources from which all things came), the traditional and the limitless, respectively. Saturn is associated with governments, limitations, boundaries, traditions, etc.  This Age will see the dissolution of boundaries as Uranus take us away from what is familiar (Saturn) to what is different and new (Uranus). The tension between these two forces will bring about the New Age where the Oneness can be seen and known. This requires that the walls based on class, titles, money, and melanin content.  It must be noted there are no races, there is only one humanity all belonging to the species homo sapiens!  Matter must give way to Spirit…tradition to consciousness.  The true leaders in this new age will be those who are more conscious, not those who have the most money or titles. The ancients say: The one who is most conscious is the one who is always in charge, contrary to appearances.

We are all aware of the crisis in the Monarchy and the tug of war between the two factions. I cannot help but equate it with the forces at play now and especially as it relates to William and Harry. I see William as representing the Saturnian symbolism of tradition and the familiar and Harry representing Uranus symbolizing the new and that prodigal son taking the Monarchy in a new direction. There is not wrong or right here…each is carrying out his assigned role. It can be frightening to realize that the way one has thought and operated in the past cannot be supported any longer and that the strong Egoic forces of Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are expanding the boundaries of Saturn to create a world that looks very different from what tradition dictates. It is also no surprise that Meghan representing the black woman who seeded all humanity—blue, yellow and red strains and everything in between…on the planet is at the center of this crisis (See the Journey of Man by Dr. Spencer Wells: She symbolizes Isis who is the symbol of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Occultism, which means the unveiling of the ancient secretes.  Her zodiacal sign interestingly is Leo, which is rule by the midday Sun…the full glare of the Sun!

ISIS says the reason for the inequity, cruelty, poverty, and war on our planet and against one another is because of the secrets we have kept from each other. She has now presented herself to us as ISIS UNVEILED…naked… the Revealer of secrets; she also says, my name is TRUTH!  

She is ending the illusion of separation amongst us that has been based of falsehoods… the notion of better than and less than based of melanin, false power, and matter (gold)! The time has come, and the accounting is here!  Remember we are all ONE!


May Light Be Extended Upon You!


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