About Etta D. Jackson, Ph.D.

Etta is the author of four books:
  • Understanding Your Choice
  • Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle
  • The Role of Consciousness in Governance
  • The Idea That Is the United States of America: Its Occult Foundation

She has had an inner knowing of the knowledge which lies behind what most see and hear and always knew there was a much deeper meaning to life.  She was guided in 1975 to prepare to write her first book and was given its title Understanding Your Choice.  It was twenty-five years later that she was given the green light to begin writing and the information that two other books were to follow.

With a clear understanding that there is a Divine Plan for Humanity, she knows that we are in a period of unprecedented expansion of consciousness, and that as the walls of separation come down, we will see the Oneness of Life on our planet become a living reality and the Earth, the Emerald Isle, be the ideal home for all her inhabitants.

As founder of The Institute for Conscious Global Change, Inc., this idea provides a framework for a vision of what this new world can become. Visit us at http://www.icgc.ngo

All my books are available for purchase at: http://www.ettadjackson.com

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2MT5MBr

8 responses to “About Etta D. Jackson, Ph.D.

  1. Densie

    Dear Etta,

    I am a Ph.d. in Counseling Psychology and Wholistice Heaalth, pretend retired, as I always grinningly add. Curiously (but we know better) I have been working on a personal project which I am combining with an Autobiographical Sketch for admission to Manly P. Hall’s Phiosphical University for an additional Master’s in Conscious Studies. This morning I have been working on the typing up of that sketch. Something (we also know about that) took over my hand and I asserted the Communion of Saints, consciousness to consciousness realities and the special project of inner work that will take me to Assisi, Italy for three months in 2012 from September to late December. Outloud and with an affirmative (albeit still gingerly) stance I acknowleged the role of Direct Experience of Truth in my life and the valid proof of it beyond any suspicious of little or lower level imagination. On and on…I knew my hand ws no longer singularly my hand…then I was too tired to continue. I decided to check e-mail before I retired from the computer all together, Etta Jackson…capstone…had just been delivered. I have never opened these kinds of e-mails before, receiving sometimes dozens at a time from unknown sources. Today I felt an Unknown Source behind the e-mail and I opened it, hoping indeed, that I was not endangering my entire system. I read your July 4th blog…realized the validation to my own most recent and unexpected words…and felt in Synchronicity to say the least.

    Just now, I realized I, too, was writing this (and my words) on July 4th. The United States augmenedt by Wisdom from the Ascended Masters is indeed The Prototype of Consciousness Fulfillment…and we vibrationally assert the Advancing Consciousness Evolution now being advanced.

    Enough said!

  2. Barbara

    Hello Etta! Conscious Media Network posted one of your articles on their information clearing house site, ‘America will bend but never break’. These are some of the best perspectives I’ve read about America in a long time. I’m an American living overseas and have had the opportunity to observe things from a different perspective for which I am grateful.
    There are pockets of like-minded people all over the world coming to similar realisations of what’s about to unfold! It is such an exciting time to be on Earth, happy anticipation! I am sharing your article on my FB page. I am hoping my friends back home see the beauty of your words. Thanks for doing good work! Cheers, Bg

    • Hi Barbara:
      Thanks for your kind words and your appreciatation for where we are in our evolutionary process as a coountry and a world. Thanks also for sharing the article on your fb page.
      Much love and blessings,

  3. Kelvin Curnow

    Dear Etta !

    Dear Starbeing !!!

    I have recently received your wisdom teachings through a dear lightworker friend of mine,that I have known for over twenty years but have seldom seen.

    However, although I may of seen her no more than a dozen times in the past twenty years, we are very close, and I have always felt so comfortable with her, that I may well of known her in past incarnations on other planets and vibratory existences.

    Having read your teachings and having seen your beautiful picture,I just wanted to tell you,that you look so beautiful, both spiritually and physically, and if you were not so far away, that I would love to spend so much time with you,sharing more and more wisdom !

    Love,Light and Peace to you dear ‘Lightworker’.

    Kelvin, a volunteer from the Pleiades !

  4. Once again I am amazed by you, and that I had the opportunity to know you personally in my life at our times at Kenley. Keep it up sister!

  5. Ian Gardner

    Hello, Etta, I see that you are following “Consider This” so this is to say, “Welcome!”, feel free to quote from my writings – there is no copyright – and may you find them useful.
    May your journey be a successful one,

  6. Etta, you are brave to be following my posts.

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