The Role of Consciousness in Governance

The Role of Consciousness in Governance brings to our attention that the goal in the establishment of every government is to unfold the divine plan on Earth and that the systems of government are the most appropriate vehicles to bring this about. It is to this end that the government of the United States of America was meticulously constructed with its great esoteric constitution to be a model for the world.  The Founding Fathers established a country under the direction of the Masters of Wisdom to lead this country and the world along a path of Initiation, of which Masonry provides the blueprint.

Today, a large percent of the populace are mentally and emotionally mature and evolved, so they can now meet the leadership on equal ground, which was one of the primary goals of the Hierarchy.  The ability of the governments to recognize this, and to provide accommodation for the greater involvement of their citizenry and provide for them to have a stronger voice and participation in their government, will be a function of the evolution of the governments themselves.

The ultimate task of every nation is to solve its own internal psychological problems—by first recognizing that they exist, then working to quell national pride and taking the steps necessary to establish unity and beauty of rhythm, in the life of its peoples.  The next task is to foster the spirit of right relations.  This is accomplished by the recognition of the one world of which it is a part.  Each nation must later take the steps, which would enable it to enrich the whole world through its individual contribution.  These two activities, national and international, must proceed side by side.

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Etta D. Jackson

2 responses to “The Role of Consciousness in Governance

  1. Well said! There is much more to this than anyone knows…

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