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The Goddess, The Whore, The Shekinah…

The Goddess, The Whore, The Shekinah…

As I listened to conversations and overheard comments about women from many quarters, I decided I had to add my two cents on the subject…  As you may know by now, there is a quiet revolution and a massive evolution taking place.  And, who do you think are at the forefront of all this?  Women!

I am sure there is no one (I hope) who is surprised by this. It has been a long time in coming, but like all things in the evolutionary process…timing is a major factor.

Some say this should have happened eons ago but, according to the knowledge I have, there is a set time for everything to happen and there is an evolutionary process within which everything occurs.  In addition, as the Masters of Wisdom say: “One cannot change anything one cannot “see”!” (meaning to comprehend)

Now, I am going to talk about some issues women might not want to admit or talk about but…here I go.

Between you and me, how did it come to be that women are in a place where they have to defer to the male of the species for even the definition of who she is?  How did we give birth to all things in creation and then have to turn to what we created for our validation?  How did that happen??  Nature always abhors a vacuum and so, very quietly yet quickly women went from Creator to being at the mercy of what she had created.  Does the story of Esau and Jacob come to mind, where Esau sold his birthright for a pot of soup?  Same symbolic story, I feel.

This ‘creep’ happened gradually, bit by bit, as women turned a blind eye and failed to pay attention to the incremental wrongs and injustices we knew our fathers and brothers were doing to others, and then, suddenly they began happening to you/us!   Woman allowed herself to become immersed in the illusion of “material things” and forgot she created all the “things”.  With the offer and promise of more “things”, her power began to dwindle.  Increasingly, out of fear, financial destitution, and a need for economic survival, especially as mothers needing support for their children, women became dependent on men for their very existence.  Men saw and created an opportunity then quickly took advantage of the situation.  Many would say:  it just happened.  I would disagree vehemently.  Nothing ever just happens…I refuse to accept the victim role…When everything is seen with the inner eye of pure reason: “Nothing is ever what it appears to be!”

When one becomes distracted easily, they become a victim of those who would exploit your distraction…

Before women can become whole they must accept all of the different aspects of themselves.  They must accept all that they have been, have done and been a party to…consciously and unconsciously.  The disowning of oneself allows for the mind to be influenced and manipulated towards self-hate!

Who is Woman?  Who is this entity who is so feared that attempts are continuously made to suppress her powers, and that she has been so purposefully maligned for centuries!

Who is she?  She is the symbolic representation of the Creative Force of the Universe— the Third Aspect of the Divine Trinity— The Holy Spirit— The Comforter —the Dark Mother—the Great Ocean, and also known as the Chief Feminine Elder of the Temple.  She is the Pentecost, the Shekinah, and the Holy Ghost!

She will assist humanity in removing the guilt and shame of life, which unfortunately, has been placed at the feet of women!  This Dark Mother, the Feminine Principle, is the Whore, as well as the Virgin; she is the daughter and the mother; she is the midwife and the one who gives birth.  She is the barren sister.  She is the mother of your father and the daughter of your brother.  She is the queen upon her throne and the beggar woman on her stool. She is in every woman, and she gave birth to every Man.  She is the Feminine Power and Creator behind every created thing… she is indeed the Shekinah!!!

Woman is the highest expression of the Cosmic Creative Principle. She is the creator of all life, and all things created are contained in her body. This same Woman is the Alchemical Woman called Isis by the Egyptians.  She is the recorder of the Law, and the form-giving principle.  She is also the tamer of the turbulent forces of the animal kingdom.  She is the preserver of balance and the unveiler of truth.  At the same time she is the unveiled truth itself.

Until women are able to own the totality of who they are, they cannot begin to heal the world.  Woman, you have been everything to become who you are – all  the experiences, from all of the lifetimes, in all the bodies you have occupied.  Now, at this time, the fragments can finally be integrated into an accepted whole, so the Power of who you are can at last be demonstrated to men but, more importantly, to yourselves!   Within you is all you need to be the god you already are!

When I look at the state of the world, I do not have to wonder if humanity would not now enjoy a far better quality of life had women not become so selfish and self-centered.  Despite a compromised position, many women who have had the ears and attention of the men who have ruled the world for centuries, failed to, —stand in their power—hold their space—and speak their truth!  …what influence could women have had in shaping the direction of local, national and international affairs, had they had the vision and the consciousness to impact those changes!  The power of women is subtle, strong, awesome and uncompromising….women forgot their feminine power, and instead sought to become like men and so lost out in the game!

And yes, I know many, many women have risked their lives to advance the cause of humanity and we thank them greatly!  It is a fact that, in the main, women are more likely to spend finances on improving the quality of life for their families and communities than do men.  Sadly, however, in the developed world too many women have allowed their need to have more and more clothes, shoes, houses, and SUVs as status symbols, to completely obliterate the needs of their sisters and brothers in developing countries.  Women have forgotten that we have an obligation to our fellowman.

Alas, we forgot so that we could remember, and now we KNOW what we must do going forward if mankind is to emerge out of the dismal place he is in…

Many people keep asking:  how could God allow such suffering to occur on the Earth?…Well, here’s my answer:   WE created it, so WE must fix it and, to be able to fix it, WE must first see how and why WE did what we did… See?

It started with “separation”.  How?  Once one allows him/herself to think that I and “those other people” have nothing to do with each other, we set off a series of events that morph into the many headed dragon we are now trying to slay, figuratively and literally – the mammoth situation we are experiencing in the world today!!!

It is heartening to see how many women now have the ability to make a significant difference in the world…women’s voices are becoming louder as each has learnt  to:

  • Hold Her Space
  • Stand in Her Power, and,
  • Speak Her Truth.

Women, if you want men or anyone to respect you, you don’t have to beg them to…you simply do the above.  Women are learning, as all members of so-called ‘minority’ groups are that, what you are asking the so-called ‘majority’ group for,…whether it is money, approval or something else, they don’t have it to give to you!!!…They are looking for the same thing you are looking for!  What the other party has done is hoodwinked you into believing that they have more than you do, and that they have what you are looking for but it’s not true!

What makes a person great is not his or her money, education, bloodline or social standing… but rather their consciousness.  How you know that the consciousness isn’t there?  Look around you; it is evidenced by the dire state that the majority of humanity is in!  With all the money and position of so-called ‘power’, the world is in the state it is in with the majority of Humanity living in poverty and illiteracy.

A truly powerful person has a consciousness of ONENESS and out of that consciousness flows a burning desire to liberate Humanity.  Such an individual knows that unless the Pentagram is in its right place, where Spirit dominates Matter, and has accomplished this in his/her own life, instead of the inverted pentagram where Matter dominates Spirit, he is not able to help alleviate the burdens of his brother because he is forever chasing the illusions of the material plane.

Now that so many women have access to money and are in positions of leadership and so-called power, they cannot afford to become drunk on artificial power and try to prove to men or anyone else that they are equal.

When you know something for sure you don’t need to prove it to anyone…and this relates to anyone who is constantly trying to prove their worth to anyone. The people you are trying to prove yourself to feel more inadequate than you do…they just will never tell you so…how else would they keep up the game.  Unless someone is an enlightened being, they are looking for the same thing you are looking for and it cannot be had for money!

Women, you do not need to become like men, and please don’t go chasing the same illusion to define yourself…surely by now we are realizing the folly of that path.

There is a hungry and thirsty world waiting to give you the opportunity to demonstrate that the demons of self-hate in you have been conquered and you are ready to move on this planet like the masters you are.

Women, men are looking to you to guide them.  They know they do not know what you know, and they also know that they are not complete without you and cannot accomplish the huge task of liberating humanity alone.  They are waiting for YOU to come into your own as the creative force you are, take your position of equal rulership, so the task can be completed.

If you are waiting for them to give you your power, it will never happen since you are the Creator in the first place.  They do not have it to give!  You gave your power away to them, all you have to do is… Take.  It.  Back!

You, woman, have the ability to create a new world… new world of conscious citizens who are true Aquarians who understand its true concepts of oneness.

Mothers will cease being in awe of their male offspring and instead teach them to Respect and Honor women.  Mothers must begin to raise their daughter to love, honor and respect themselves not for their physical beauty but for the intrinsic wisdom and knowledge they carry within, and teach them that they must contribute to the world in order for balance and justice to become a reality on this planet.

The work of this Age, with its hallmarks of:  Brotherhood (of Man), Service, Feminine Power, Grace and Synthesis cannot be achieved until women assume their rightful place of power, beauty and grace.   The destiny of our future and our world is, for the most part, in your hands!

There is much to be done!  The time is now!  The mission cannot fail!

Together women and men will come together in Oneness; reconcile the pairs of opposites;  repair the breach and heal the cleavage to finish the task they came here to do—create a world where all its citizens can live as gods—

I know WE (men and women together) can and will!

For more detailed information on the power and beauty of the feminine, check out Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle

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