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America Will Bend But Will Never Break…

The country is at a crisis point and this too is what the passage toward enlightenment looks like and for which this country was created to provide as a symbol to the world.

The pairs of opposites must be reconciled and the middle path must be achieved

That is the only path to enlightenment…

As I travel internationally and listen to foreigners converse about the United States of America and its future, it is clear that many have a love-hate relationship with America.  They admire the can-do attitude, the optimism, and marvel at how Americans always think they can solve every problem while, on the other hand, they feel Americans are too sure of themselves.  Dear friends, it is that spirit of ‘failure is not an option’ that brought the Republic into being and will see it through to its final successful destiny!

I must admit that Americans can be very arrogant at times, and that is because many forget or are not aware of the true destiny of this unique country and what constitutes the idea called America.

America is the young child of Europe and, like the Aquarian-minded young people of the 70’s who, in spite of the brilliance and innovative ideas that made them millionaires and billionaires before they went bust, they realized that without the wisdom of their parents’ generation  they were bound to course correct, and they did – and America will too!

America will increasingly realize that the “parent” has an important contribution to make in America’s success in fulfilling its destiny.  The idea for this democratic republic began long before Europe and America existed as nations.  It was prophesied that the twin brothers Manasseh and Ephraim, Great Britain and the United States, respectively, would exist to fulfill the purpose for which mankind was seeded on our planet, under the careful supervision and direction of the Star, Sirius.

It was the six masonic lodges of England, France, The Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland and Germany that laid the foundation for this new Democratic Republic, and it was to Francis Bacon of the British Empire that the task was entrusted to set up the Republic, based on the Masonic Principles, that would guide America to its true destiny.

This destiny is very different from what most Americans have in mind and I think this is a good time to go back and revisit those principles and why, on that basis, the country is on track, despite appearances to the contrary.

I have heard much talk about China and India, and other nations, rising in economic power such that they will soon overtake the USA.   Like all great empires that have been known to rise and fall they say, America will be the next to fall since its influence is waning on the planet.

Not true!   America is growing up and becoming an adult.  America will always be a prosperous nation but it will put its spiritual agenda, and I emphasize spiritual and not religious, in right order to matter or the physical, to fulfill its mission.  America is a rising star.  The assumption that America is due to fall is based on the notion that America is just like all the great empires that have ever existed.  However, what is mostly unknown is the unique and singular premise on which America was created.

America’s greatness is not predicated on its military and financial power as most other empires have been.  Having now demonstrated to the world how matter, physical and monetary, can be acquired and exalted, it is now embarking on the true mission for which the country came into existence,enlightenment!

This too is the goal for each individual.

It is no mistake that the iconic image of America is a woman standing in New York’s harbor with a book in one hand and a torch in the other.  The allegorical symbolism, that this country was established to be a light to the world and that Enlightenment must be achieved, ultimately, through the power of the mind.  Lady Liberty, who was originally named Liberty Enlightening the World, stands as a constant reminder to America and the world that the true purpose for which America was created is to be a beacon of Light.

America has an Aquarian soul, meaning, its true destiny, as it unfolds, is to be the example to the world of:

  • Brotherhood (of Mankind);
  • Synthesis;
  • Restoration of equal feminine power and rulership (essential to mankind’s liberation);
  • How true masonry provides the vehicle for higher knowledge and initiation; and,

America will demonstrate to the world what happens when a country, as well as the individual, turns its face toward symbolic Jerusalem… The Abode of Peace… and reverses its path out of matter toward Oneness with one’s true Self, who was brought into matter, to fulfill a specific purpose.

As with an individual, each country has a destiny that is determined by the time of its birth which marks and defines how it will unfold throughout the three stages of life:

  • Youth
  • Adulthood
  • Old age

America celebrates July 4th as its birth date and, with this information we know that it was created to be a vehicle to “house” the divine idea of Initiation, to give birth to the idea of Enlightenment – nurture it, and to bring it to perfection over time.

This country was created to be an incubator where anyone and everyone would come to play out the concept of “E pluribus Unum”…Out of Many One People.  Through education and an understanding of our shared origin, these different cultures and races of humanity would come to intermingle and, through a more intimate knowledge of each other, come to know that though “appearances” suggest they are different and unrelated, they are indeed ONE.

Just as the two pillars in Solomon’s temple, one black and one white, reflect an apparent disconnect, when penetrated with the mind of pure reason, it can be proven that each is a perfect reflector of the other, and that in fact, when the true nature of each is understood what emerges is only the illusory aspect of separation.

Regardless of who is sitting in the presidential role in the USA, no person occupies this position without being allowed to do so by the spiritual hierarchy.  America is a spiritual idea and unfolds along the masonic agenda laid down by Sirius who brought it into existence with a definite plan, with a specific outcome.

Each political party represents one half of the pair of opposites and, to understand why each party’s agenda is allowed to play out, it must be understood that this is to bring into clearer focus to the minds of the citizens of America and the world what is needed in the struggle to find the middle way, and what the process looks like.  The pairs of opposites are what mankind came to the planet to play out and to reconcile!

We are not falling apart, we are right on track.  The institutions and, our society as a whole, which have been immersed in matter, are seeing their foundation crack, as it should.  As individuals and as a country we have defined ourselves by how much material possessions and societal position we have and can amass.  Well, that illusion is falling away and countries such as China, India, and others, are now moving in to fill that necessary role.  It was important for America to show to the world what happens when one becomes so immersed in materialism, greed, selfishness and separation. Other countries will now try that on to see what it looks and feels like …to become satiated with all that matter has to offer and, like the Prodigal Son and King Solomon, turn its back on what no longer satisfies, reverses its step, and move to the next phase of the journey.  This is America’s next step!

It is to America that the task was given to lead humanity out of bondage fo ignorance and the illusion to matter.

We have a future ahead that is much, much brighter than anything we have known before or can even imagine, but for that future to become a reality, the foundation of the old must be destroyed.  We cannot tarry any longer in the land of the “splendors and excitement of the underworld” where greed, selfishness and separation abide.  Though the allure is great, they only satisfy our lower natures.  To tarry too long in this world is to run the risk of losing one’s soul.

It is through the conscious grace and mercy of the elder brothers of the race of man, who are among us and who have themselves overcome the illusions of matter, that the foundation in our systems are breaking.  They influence the minds of mankind to bring about mental regeneration, causing liberation from the bondage of ignorance and form.

We are a mighty people, all of us…black, white, brown, yellow and everything in between.  Let us awaken to the task before us and for which we are more than able.  America, the world is waiting, watching and hoping.  All know in their souls that if a better world cannot be realized in the United States of America, it cannot happen anywhere – they know this in their souls!

It is understandable that people become afraid when they don’t know what lies ahead.  I am here to remind us all of the foundation on which this great country was founded and that…”America will bend, but will never break”.  America’s critics will be disappointed but should take heart because their success and destiny is also tied up with America.  No other people on the planet have the ability to course correct as quickly and the time is coming when they will need to do just that, and in a hurry, and they will.

May Light Be Extended Upon You!

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The Floating Capstone…

As a tribute to the United States of America on its two hundred and forty-six years as of 2022 of being the land described by those who laid down the foundation for the country: “A light to the world”!   This country is the prototype of the vision held in the mind of the Divine not only for the people of the United States of America but for the whole world.

As far back as two thousand years B.C., the mystical orders of Egypt were aware of the existence of the great Western Continent called America, and decided that it should be the site of the philosophic empire, a land where representatives of humanity would gather to implement their desires for a new vision of what the world could be.

The Secret Orders of Europe provided the foundation for the establishment of this great country.  Everyone who came to these shores is of every kindred, tongue and nation.  Those who were evolved and those not so much!  What became established here was an admixture of the full array of humankind with corresponding levels on consciousness.  What better place than this for all the cultures, races and philosophic ideas to be given the opportunity to make sense or meaning of their experiences than in America where everyone would have the privilege to express themselves without fear of persecution, tyranny, and death.  This provided the perfect arena or incubator for the development of all ideas no matter how contradictory!  In the establishment of this democratic republic, a new race was born—the American Race—defined as:  a race of humanity determined and set apart by a conviction that human beings are created free and equal and are entitled to opportunities for perfecting their life, their freedom and the pursuit of their happiness which was not determined based on one’s blood or the size of one’s cranium.

It must not be forgotten though that behind all the occurrences in this history of the country there was a Divine Idea for America!  If anyone doubts that our country was founded on the principles of Masonry, one need only look at our One Dollar Bill and the reverse of the ‘Great Seal’ to know that the foundation of our country is anchored in the ancient philosophy of Egypt who had the first democratic leader the world had ever known, Akhenaten!  Akhenaten was born of the “second birth”, defined by the ancients as one who achieved the status of “wise man” and was of a separate race.  This race emerged as enlightened intelligent beings produced through the intentful development of the mind.  Akhenaten, the very young Priest, King and Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, is described as the first man in recorded history to exemplify social consciousness in the administration of a great nation.  He was known as the first pacifist, the first realist, the first monotheist, the first democrat, the first humanitarian and the first internationalist.

It is this ideal of a nation, under the leadership of Akhenaten of ancient Egypt, that those who founded the United States of America sought to emulate on the North American continent.  It is safe to say that this information informs the appearance of the ‘floating capstone’ or ‘fire triangle’ that the Egyptians call “The Light” that we see twice on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States of America as the unfinished pyramid.   A radiant triangle enclosing the “All-seeing Eye” is another piece of evidence that the structure of government intended by the founders of the American Republic, presented itself to their minds, as a piece of Egyptian Masonry and as the vision and democratic philosophy of the first conscious leader, Akhenaten.

The floating capstone is symbolic of the group of souls now on our planet who have emerged as wise-men and members of the Fifth Kingdom and who are poised to assist in the spiraling of consciousness upward …these are the Adepts and Initiates who will complete the “Unfinished Pyramid” and anchor the floating capstone to the unfinished pyramid to complete the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  This will mark the beginning of the Age of Peace that the Divine Mother promised. And, the beginning of the 21st century will see the New Order of the Ages become a reality here.  These souls will establish a New World Order.  They themselves are an order of immortals composed of new beings whose nucleus is now on the planet and constitute a new species of humanity.  For this group of enlightened souls, the pair of opposites — Peace and Strife — has been reconciled and these souls will usher in the new era of Peace on our planet.

The Piscean Age was characterized by devotion, idealism to the point of fanaticism, patriotism, and paternalism and these are now fading away. We have now left the Age of Pisces, however many are still desperately trying to hold on to these traditions and beliefs of the past, refusing to give way to a more expansive and inclusive understanding of reality. This struggle to preserve what is no longer useful is causing the pain we are now witnessing globally with so many.  The Mother will help to guide this country and our planet into the age of reason.

As America, the land that the ancients refer to as the “New Atlantis” rises, it is Isis, the symbol for the Age of Aquarius and keeper of the ancient secrets, under the direction of the Dog-Star Sirius, who will shepherd this country through the great transformation that will take place in our world and, the United States of America is central to this occurrence.

It has not escaped me that The Grand Cross formation which astrologers say occured on 7/7/2010 took place around the birthday of this nation.  Whatever is to happen to the world must first happen in America.  It is my belief that this event will mark a turning point in the history of America – and our world – and that on the mental plane there will be a significant shift away from separation and toward Oneness and Unity.  The Divine Feminine, who links nation to nation and Man to Man promises to anchor the divine blueprint for a new world based on justice and fair play at this time. The Masonic promise and premise on which America was established will become a reality here…and I do not mean Masonry as it has been hijacked and defined by the few, but Masonry as it was given in its original form and intent – – a blueprint for the true Brotherhood of Man, and a spiritual philosophy that will end war and poverty as we know them.

America has an Aquarian soul and so it is now fitting that the soul-purpose for which this country was created will now achieve expression on the planet.

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