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The Truth about Freemasonry

Everything is governed by some form of urgency toward satisfaction.

This is distinctive of mankind’s search at every stage of his development; whether it is the instinctual urge to self-preservation, which can be seen in his savage search for food or in the economic problems of the modern civilized man.  Or, in the urge to self-reproduction and the satisfaction of the appetite which works itself out in the complexity of the sex life of the human race; whether it is the urge to be popular, loved and esteemed; whether it is the urge for intellectual enjoyment and mental appropriation of truth; whether it is the deep-seated desire for eternal life and rest, which characterizes the Christians; or the aspiration for illumination, which is the demand of the Mystic; or it is the longing for identification with reality which is the wish of the occultist.

Humanity is governed and controlled in some form or another by these urges.  

Until an individual is securely on the Path of Return, he cannot grasp the absolute demand of his own soul for the release from the search for external, material, tangible satisfaction forged by desire.  It was desire that initiated the need to incarnate and to subsequently pursue the path of liberation and purification for a needed period, under the Law of Rebirth.

As the process toward purification progresses the demand on the personality by the soul becomes stronger and stronger.  And as the individual advances on the path toward Initiation, the control of his reactions that at first was unconscious, becomes more potent and is more consciously appreciated.

Masonry is the custodian of the Law…

It is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of Initiation…

It holds in its symbolism the ritual of the Divine, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work…

Masonry is a far more occult organization than might be first realized and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists.

The Masonic Fraternity is one of the three main channels through which preparation for the New Age will take place.  The others are the Educational Field, and the Church, which is a temporary transient place for the evolving soul.  All three have been in a state of static and unable to respond to the inner needs of humanity as they should. However, they are now beginning to respond to the task they have been assigned.

Consequently, the Masonic, the Esoteric and Church organisms will become the three centers of initiation.  In all three groups are to be found members whose centers in the brain are developing to be able to make contact with their higher selves.

 Self-knowledge is the goal…

And can only be achieved when one has a grasp of the Laws which form the basis of all true psychological understanding and apply them to his own unfoldment through rigid self-discipline.

Church members and Masonic Fraternities must become familiar with the inner significance of the various rites, rituals, ceremonies and colors and the importance of the work done upon the floor of the Lodge.  What is played out in symbolic form is essential to strengthening the link to their ancient pass and hastens the process of their evolution.

It is impossible to talk about Masonry without discussing the sign of Gemini.  It is the major symbol of duality—duality caused by the Life Power concentrating its limitless energy of any particular point in space and time.  This created a cleavage in the minds of man and the illusion of separateness, and, therefore, the symbol of the twin pillars Jachin and Boaz.  Gemini is the doorway into cleavage and the doorway through which unity must be achieved.

This Illusion or Maya of separation is what must end and is what the talk of 2012 is about.

Gemini, therefore, governs all the pairs of opposites in the zodiac and also preserves the magnetic interplay between them.  It also has a fluidic relationship between them in order to facilitate their transmutation into unity, since the two must finally again become one.

The Gemini force is what produces the changes needed for the evolution of Christ Consciousness at any particular time and space.

Masonry is a philosophy and not a religion.

The soul communicates in symbols…

The symbolism of Masonry describes the journey mankind embarked upon in the long and distant past; to enter the plane of matter to live out the concept of duality and separation.

This idea of separation is a mental construct, since in reality, it does not exist.  The mental cleavage has taken humanity into the physical, emotional and mental adventure, immersing him into the density of matter with all its allures.  His task is to make his way out of this Maya or Illusion of separation back into Oneness.

 All wars, conflicts, hunger, pains and maladies of life have their origin in separation.

The legend and symbolisms of Masonry is the story of the decent into illusion and the accent through the process of Initiation to liberation…

The following is a quote from The Lost Keys of Masonry by Manly P. Hall

“Masonry is a structure built upon experience.  Each stone is a sequential step in the unfolding of intelligence.  The shrines of Masonry are ornamented by the jewels of a thousand ages; its rituals ring with the words of enlightened seers and illuminated sages.  A hundred religions have brought their gifts of wisdom to its altar.  Arts and sciences unnumbered have contributed to its symbolism.  It is more than a faith; it is a path of certainty.  It is more than a belief; it is a fact.  Masonry is a university, teaching the liberal arts and sciences of the soul to all who will attend to its words.”

The Hiram Legend

Central to the Masonic story is the Grand Architect, Hiram Abiff, Grand Master of the Dionysiac Architects, a Widow’s son, and of no royal descent, who is said to have had no equal among the artisans of the earth.

When the wise man and beloved of God, Solomon, builder of the Everlasting House, and Grand Master of the Lodge in Jerusalem, ascended to the throne of his father David, he consecrated his life to the erection of a temple to God, and a palace for the kings of Israel.  Solomon thought of no one more qualified to build this temple but Hiram Abiff, the Master Builder.

The temple to be erected was no ordinary structure, but alluded to the temple not made with hands eternal in the heavens, according to a pre-ordained plan. The Hiram King of Tyre, who supplied the building materials and the skillful artificer, Hiram Abiff, and the large companies of craftsmen and laborers, assisted King Solomon.

This temple, of which all material edifices are but types and symbols, is the collective body of humanity itself.  A perfected Humanity was the great Temple, which in the counsels of the Most High, was intended to be erected in the mystical Holy City.  The three great Master-builders, Solomon, and the two Hirams, are a triad corresponding, in a manner, with the Holy Trinity of the Christian religion. Hiram Abiff, being the chief architect, is he “by whom all things were made, and in whom the whole building fitly framed together groweth unto a holy habitation in the Lord.”

The materials of this temple are the souls of men, as living stones are fellow craftsmen and collaborators with the divine plan and purpose. The legend of this Master-builder, Hiram Abiff, is a great allegory of Masonry, and its figurative story parallels that of Christ of the Holy Scriptures. As the story goes, CHiram (Hiram), in the building of the temple, divided his workmen into three groups:

  • Entered Apprentices
  • Fellow-craftsmen
  • Master Masons

To each division, CHiram gave certain passwords and signs by which their respective excellence could be easily determined.  Though each was classified according to his merit, some were dissatisfied, feeling that they were entitled to a more exalted position than they were capable of filling. So finally, three of the Fellow-craftsmen, more daring than the rest, decided to force CHiram to reveal the password of the Master’s degree. Knowing that CHiram always went into the unfinished Sanctum Sanctorum at high noon to pray, these three ruffians— Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum, lay in wait for him, one at each of the three main gates to the temple.

When the ruffians were refused the Master’s Word, they each participated in specific ways to his demise with a final blow by Jubelum between the eyes with a mallet CHiram fell dead.  These acts by all three ruffians allude to the need of all three strains of humanity to feel entitled to what they have not earned and not wanting to apply the self-discipline, focus and restraint required for true self-mastery.

The Mysteries are the architects of civilization, and Hiram personified their power and dignity as the Master Builder, as he fell victim to the three ruffians; the recurrent trio: — the State, the Church and the Mob/ or ignorance, superstition, and fear, respectively.

When the State governs, man is full of fear; when the Church governs, man is ruled by superstition; when the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance. It is through the agencies of these three, that the Spirit of Good is murdered, a false kingdom controlled by wrong thinking, wrong feeling, and wrong action are established in its stead, and the material universe of evil appears ever victorious.

When Masonry is free of politics, its social agenda and its paralyzing state of inertia, it will meet the needs of those who are qualified through true Initiation to wield power.

There is a group on the physical plane who without any exoteric organizations, ceremonials, or outer forms are integrating silently, steadfastly and powerfully—a group of men and women who will supersede the past efforts of the Masters of Wisdom—they will supersede all churches, all groups, and all organizations and will eventually constitute that oligarchy of elect souls who govern and guide the world.

They are gathered from every nation and are chosen not by any Master but by the power of their response to the spiritual opportunity, tide and note and not pride or ambition.

May Light Be Extended Upon You! —LVX!

For more information on this information please check out: The Role of Consciousness in Governance and Understanding Your Choice at:

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The Floating Capstone…

As a tribute to the United States of America on its two hundred and thirty-four years of being the land described by those who laid down the foundation  for country: “A light to the world”!   This country is the prototype of the vision held in the mind of the Divine not only for the people of the United States of America but for the whole world.

As far back as two thousand years B.C., the mystical orders of Egypt were aware of the existence of the great Western Continent called America, and decided that it should be the site of the philosophic empire, a land where representatives of humanity would gather to implement their desires for a new vision of what the world could be.

The Secret Orders of Europe provided the foundation for the establishment of this great country.  Everyone who came to these shores is of every kindred, tongue and nation.  Those who were evolved and those not so much!  What became established here was an admixture of the full array of humankind with corresponding levels on consciousness.  What better place than this for all the cultures, races and philosophic ideas to be given the opportunity to make sense or meaning of their experiences than in America where everyone would have the privilege to express themselves without fear of persecution, tyranny and death.  This provided the perfect arena or incubator for the development of all ideas no matter how contradictory!  In the establishment of this democratic republic, a new race was born—the American Race—defined as:  a race of humanity determined and set apart by a conviction that human beings are created free and equal and are entitled to opportunities for perfecting their life, their freedom and the pursuit of their happiness which was not determined based on one’s blood or the size of one’s cranium.

It must not be forgotten though that behind all the occurrences in this history of the country there was a Divine Idea for America!  If anyone doubts that our country was founded on the principles of Masonry, one need only look at our One Dollar Bill and the reverse of the ‘Great Seal’ to know that the foundation of our country is anchored in the ancient philosophy of Egypt who had the first democratic leader the world had ever known, Akhanaton!  Akhanaton was born of the “second birth”, defined by the ancients as:  one who achieved the status of “wise man” and was of a separate race.  This race emerged as enlightened intelligent beings produced through the intentful development of the mind.  Akhanaton, the very young Priest, King and Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, is described as the first man in recorded history to exemplify social consciousness in the administration of a great nation.  He was known as the first pacifist, the first realist, the first monotheist, the first democrat, the first humanitarian and the first internationalist.

It is this ideal of a nation, under the leadership of Akhanaton of ancient Egypt, that those who founded the United States of America sought to emulate  on the North American continent.  It is safe to say that this information    informs the appearance of the ‘floating capstone’ or ‘fire triangle’ that the Egyptians call “The Light” that we see twice on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States of America as the unfinished pyramid.   A radiant triangle enclosing the “All-seeing Eye” is another piece of evidence that the structure of government intended by the founders of the American Republic, presented itself to their minds, as a piece of Egyptian Masonry and as the vision and democratic philosophy of the first conscious leader, Akhanaton.

The floating capstone is symbolic of the group of souls now on our planet who have emerged as wise-men and members of the Fifth Kingdom and who are poised to assist in the spiraling of consciousness upward …these are the Adepts and Initiates who will complete the “Unfinished Pyramid” and anchor the floating capstone to the unfinished pyramid to complete the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  This will mark the beginning of the Age of Peace that the Divine Mother promised. And, the beginning of the 21st century will see the New Order of the Ages become a reality here.  These souls will establish a New World Order.  They themselves are an order of immortals composed of new beings whose nucleus is now on the planet and constitute a new species of humanity.  For this group of enlightened souls, the pair of opposites — Peace and Strife — has been reconciled and these souls will usher in the new era of Peace on our planet.

The Piscean Age was characterized by: devotion, idealism to the point of fanaticism, patriotism and paternalism and these are now fading away. We have now left the Age of Pisces, however many are still desperately trying to hold on to these traditions and beliefs of the past, refusing to give way to a more expansive and inclusive understanding of reality. This struggle to preserve what is no longer useful is causing the pain we are now witnessing globally with so many.  The Mother will help to guide this country and our planet into the age of reason.

As America, the land that the ancients refer to as the “New Atlantis” rises, it is Isis, the symbol for the Age of Aquarius and keeper of the ancient secrets, under the direction of the Dog-Star Sirius, who will shepherd this country through the great transformation that will take place in our world and, the United States of America is central to this occurrence.

It has not escaped me that The Grand Cross formation which astrologers say will occur on 7/7/2010 is taking place around the birthday of this nation.  Whatever is to happen to the world must first happen in America.  It is my belief that this event will mark a turning point in the history of America – and our world – and that on the mental plane there will be a significant shift away from separation and toward Oneness and Unity.  The Divine Feminine, who links nation to nation and Man to Man promises to anchor the divine blueprint for a new world based on justice and fair play at this time. The Masonic promise and premise on which America was established will become a reality here…and I do not mean Masonry as it has been hijacked and defined by the few, but Masonry as it was given in its original form and intent – – a blueprint for the true Brotherhood of Man, and a spiritual philosophy that will end war and poverty as we know them.

America has an Aquarian soul and so it is now fitting that the soul-purpose for which this country was created will now achieve expression on the planet.

***For an excerpt of Chapter Eight in my third book: The Role of Consciousness in Governance go to www.arvestacommunications.com and click on free download titled “The Idea That Is the United States of America”

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