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Initiation marks the point at which the individual recognizes in fact, and not only in theory, his identity with the Divine Self in which he has his existence.

It is a conscious process and not something that happens to you in a wave of euphoria.

I have heard many people in the New Age movement talk about Ascension and the idea of taking ascension classes.  I have asked them to explain if, by ascension they are referring to the process that is spoken of that Jesus went through.  They usually become hesitant to associate their process with that of Jesus’.

When I explain that what Jesus went through is the process of Initiation that makes one an Initiate, an Adept and a Master Mason, they usually recoil from the idea.  But, this makes for a great disconnect if followers of Jesus do not want to associate themselves with who he really was, namely, the Wayshower to the path of Initiation and, by extension, his process.

For many in the New Age community there is a lot of difficulty for them to make the transition from mysticism, which is usually associated with the Eastern tradition, to occultism, and the Western tradition.

The prevailing thinking seems to be that everything eastern is holy, spiritual and therefore good while, on the other hand, anything western is unholy and therefore bad but nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, this thinking reflects the deep separation that exists in the minds of mankind that is responsible for the maladies of the world.

All things are spiritual

It needs to be understood that regardless of one’s culture, race, religious or spiritual orientation, everyone must and will achieve initiation, whether it is in this life or the next or whether it is on this planet or somewhere else.

The process of Initiation liberates the individual from the bondage of ignorance

In fact, what keeps mankind in bondage is his ignorance of his own nature, origin and destiny. And, it is this ignorance he each yearns be liberated from.

The reward or wages at the end of this journey toward liberation is Wisdom, not Gold

I recently heard a minister ask his congregation who would sign up for a life that does not involve material prosperity.  The answer is clear:  Jesus did.  Initiates do.

For the initiate on the path of initiation or liberation, he or she must renounce the world of matter because it is only through this renunciation that he will realize that he has dominion over all Matter.

Each person would do well to regard initiation as a pivotal process in his lifetime and strive to endeavor that every life experience or cycle of life experiences, progress them into a wider field of awareness and expression, all of which will result in their final Initiation.

The underlying theme of the individual evolutionary process is the desire to reconcile each pairs of opposites, which Venus, in Taurus, reveals to the aspirant.  Venus, later in the sign of Capricorn, reveals to man the desire for the whole, the universal, which marks the hallmark of the Initiate.  This process as impacted by Capricorn leads the individual from a self-conscious to group conscious entity. This is how Brotherhood will be established on the planet in the Aquarian Age.   The internal process that each person goes through steadily works this out in the physical, emotional and mental bodies of those prepared to take the next step.

Initiation, which is another name for fusion and/or synthesis, involves the capacity to see, hear, comprehend, synthesize and correlate knowledge.

Initially the body and soul aspects are fused and then, in the final stage the soul infused vehicle merges with his spirit to create a fully illumined entity.

Man is becoming increasingly inclusive due to extra-planetary perceptions

Initiation begins a process that releases the powers of Christ consciousness within the individual resulting in the perfection of the personality vehicle that allows for the transmission of those powers outward, from the causal plane, into manifestation in the physical world.  These practices also modify the chemistry of the blood, which in turn causes a modification of the structures in certain areas of the brain.

The Initiate thus becomes the perfect vehicle, as symbolized by Hermes the messenger of God, because he has now become a God/Man.  He becomes  he “who is called the twice-born” who has built a new physical and not only metaphysical temple of which Solomon’s temple is an example.  These entities are human and live amongst us but go about unseen and/or unknown because they do not occupy the limelight and have no need to do so.

They oversee the administration of this planet

These beings know and understand the quintessence of pain and the depth of “sin” and suffering that mankind has experienced and, because of this knowledge, they are able to adjust their methods for working with humanity to fit the needs of each individual.  They have a love for humanity that triumphs all setbacks because this love is founded on patience, experience and wisdom.  They are distinguished by their knowledge, dynamic will, courage and silence.

Their knowledge, experience and courage are based on ages of endeavor, failure and renewed undertakings, which led to their eventual victory.  Because of this, they are now in service to mankind for a purpose that is enlightened, intelligent and cooperative.  This service to humanity is continuously adjusting itself to meet the needs of the group; to the hierarchical plan and purpose of the Planetary Ruler.   And, because they understand the plan for humanity so well and possess clear illuminated vision, they can bend their will unflinchingly and unswervingly to perform the Great Work of creation.

The Mystery of the Lion and the Unicorn “going up to town” holds within it the secret of initiation in which man must go up to the portal of the temple for admittance into the ‘Hierarchy of Masters’. It also alludes to the “mystic raising” of which Masonry holds the key.

Masonry will be the religious philosophy of the 21st century

The story, The Mystery of the Lion and the Unicorn, also deals with the emergence of the one-pointed consciousness of the initiate.  It also speaks to the defeat of the Lion, which esoterically, has always been used to symbolize the personality, wherein the lower self and animal nature in man is territorial and selfish.

The defeat of the King of Beasts results in the triumph of group, world consciousness and selflessness over selfishness and self-consciousness.  In the true esoteric understanding of this myth, the king of beasts is blinded and killed by the piercing of his eyes and heart by the long horn of the unicorn, and the Initiate is born.

The literal meaning of initiation is “to enter into or begin something”; in the broadest sense it means entrance into the spiritual life.  Therefore, a man who takes his first step into the spiritual kingdom passes out of the purely human kingdom into the superhuman or fifth kingdom.

Just as Man passed out of the animal kingdom into the human kingdom during the stage of individualization; on the path of initiation he now enters upon a life of spirit and begins the final stage of the fivefold evolution.

He groped his way through the Hall of Ignorance for many ages; has gone through the Hall of Learning and is now entering university or, the Hall of Wisdom.

Upon graduation he will receive his degree as Master of Compassion, with Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.

  • Knowledge—a product of the Hall of Learning may be described as the sum total of the human experience and discovery. It can be correlated, diagnosed and defined by the use of human intellect. Knowledge is concerned with the material side of life, evolution, matter in the solar systems, the planet, the three worlds of human evolution and the bodies of men.
  • Wisdom—the product of the Hall of Wisdom relates to the development of life within the form and with the progress of the spirit through the ever-changing personality vehicles. And, with the expansion of consciousness that succeed each form life to life. Wisdom deals with the essence of things and not with the things themselves. It is the intuitive perception of truth apart from the reasoning faculty; the innate perception that can distinguish between real and unreal. Wisdom might be described as the gradual blending of the mystic and the occultist and is the therefore the erecting of the temple of wisdom on the foundation of knowledge.
  • Knowledge is the science of matter, wisdom is the science of the spirit
  • Knowledge separates and is objective, wisdom is synthetic and subjective
  • Knowledge divides, wisdom unites
  • Knowledge differentiates, wisdom blends
  • Understanding—defined as the Faculty of Thinker in Time, able to appropriate Knowledge as the foundation of wisdom.  Understanding is that which enables the individual to adapt the things of form to the life of spirit. Wisdom deals with the One Self; Knowledge with the Not-Self; Understanding is the point of view of the Thinker or his relationship between Wisdom and Knowledge.

Initiation is the normal process of evolutionary development.  It leads to the mountaintop where vision can be obtained—a vision of the Eternal Now, where past, present and future exist as one.  A vision of the golden pageant of all the races with the golden thread of pedigree carried through the many types of personality vehicles.  A vision of the golden sphere that holds all life forms—deva, human, animal, vegetable, mineral, elemental— held in unison through many evolutions and through which can be seen pulsating life beating in regular rhythm.

Initiation leads to the cave within whose circumscribing walls the pairs of opposites are known, and the secret of good and evil are revealed.  It leads to the Cross and to the absolute sacrifice which must transpire before perfect liberation can be attained. Only then does the initiate stand free of all earth’s shackles, and is held by nothing in the three worlds—Physical, Emotional and Mental. Initiation leads Man to the Hall of Wisdom and puts into his hands the key to all information, systemic and cosmic, in graduated sequence.

L.V.X—May Light be Extended Upon You!

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The Black Lodge…

The Black Lodge…

I form the Light and create Darkness. I make Peace and create Evil.

I the Lord do all these things. Isaiah 45: 5, 6, 7(KJV)

Just about everyone is happy to talk about the Light but no one wants to talk about Darkness.  However, without an understanding of Darkness one cannot walk in Light and without an understanding Evil, how can one know God…

To become a conscious entity on planet Earth and a true citizen of the Aquarian Age requires courage and a deep unquenchable desire to know one’s self.

And this knowledge of the self can only be revealed not taught to the individual by his own Inner Teacher who is the only true teacher and the revealer of the Mysteries of Life…

How can one emerge from Darkness into Light, from Ignorance to Knowledge without an understanding of either…

Without this knowledge mankind will indeed perish…

The Forces of Darkness or the so-called Black Lodge of Adepts operate from the lower astral plane and have had its establishment on the Earth for eons and is far more firmly established here since the foundation for its power is separation and materialism, division and greed

Gladly, their power is rapidly waning due to the evolution of human consciousness…

The so-called Great White Lodge which consist of the Hierarchy of Masters have sought to bend human thought away from separation and materialism toward unity and oneness which has been difficult but is finally taking hold in a big way

This is made possible through the development of the human vehicle— the physical, emotional and mental bodies— giving man the capacity to hold the infusions of light emitted by the Masters of Wisdom into the minds of Man

Through humanity’s ability to decipher and to see the relationships and associations between one thing and another he is now able to make better choices and do so more consciously

Every adept who has passed through the Gate of Initiation knows the singular prize to be won at the end of his journey is: Self Knowledge

To accomplish this, one must have developed the capacity to first cognitively understand the concept of duality and how it manifests in form…

He must come to know how and why the cleavage of the mind set up a kingdom on Earth in which oneness gave way to a perception that appearances are reality and anything that is different is not a part of oneness and should be destroyed…

This lack of knowledge is responsible for the war, poverty, and unimaginable inhumanity the world has seen…

Religion has constructed a paradigm that splits the ONE into a cast of two characters—one they call God who is kind, friendly and benevolent and the other Satan/Saturn who is harsh, cruel and unforgiving

In this scenario there are two kingdoms—One ruled by GOD and the other kingdom ruled by the DEVIL

Alas!  The wise discovers they are indeed two aspects one reality…

The members of the Black Lodge have been called by many names…

Most notably the Illuminati…

What is not understood by most is that everyone has been a member of this Black Lodge and sometime in his sojourn…

Everyone became a member by choosing to come to planet Earth and to be a part of duality and the only way to relinquish membership in this lodge is through knowledge and compassion

That knowledge must include the understanding of the collective agreement everyone made before coming to this planet— to play out the illusion of separation and duality…

In this year 2011 that veil of ignorance and illusion is parting significantly to reveal the truth regarding all the pairs of opposites

The word Maya means illusion and it is this illusion that must end…

The only way it ends is through integration…

This is where the river meets the ocean; judgment occurs by a comprehensive understanding of the laws of life then is mankind resurrected from the watery tomb of the subconscious to a conscious knowledge of his choice and his destiny, and onto the Path of Liberation by the merge of opposites…

Most have heard the story of Solomon’s Temple.  Its significance is essential to anyone who seeks transformation, because the temple is the symbol of that structure that everyone is here to construct consciously

The temple is that vehicle needed to house the divine essence

For those who remember story of the building of Solomon’s Temple, there were specific instructions regarding measurements and materials given for its constructing

So that this temple would have the vibrational frequency needed for a permanent in-dwelling of spirit, the building of that temple/vehicle could not be left up to the limited understanding or whims of the uninitiated mind.  The Master Builder was appointed to oversee its construction

What is little known is that everyone is required to build his temple to those same specifications thus making everyone a builder…

This temple is described in ancient text as: ‘one not made with hands, eternal in the heavens’…one built on divine laws…

Solomon was designated to build the symbolic temple in Jerusalem because he had qualified himself, as did the Prodigal Son, by the experiences gained by immersing themselves in the extremes of life and extracting the wisdom that comes from understanding both extremes

Like Solomon and the Prodigal Son everyone eventually comes to the same conclusion that we are bound up inextricably together in a destiny that cannot be won with blame but by a mature examination of those aspects of Self and of Life he is often too afraid to examine…

Mankind has lost memory of his past and is in denial of his present, which prevents him from reconciling the extremes of his experiences lived here and elsewhere…

Those who have no memory are those who most lack compassion…

Because the Wise has prefect memory they have no judgment of humanity— only compassion…

They seek only to lift up humanity…

The Wise remembers he was his brother at every point on the journey toward self-knowledge and before reaching the heights of spiritual attainment…

On one hand, the New Age movement has lulled people into a false sense of what is required to achieve true and sustainable peace, harmony and oneness; and on the other hand religion has used fear to keep its flock in control, with neither group having any true understanding of how he, his world and his government are constituted and why and how liberation is achieved…

The Arcane mysteries teach that the first stage of enlightenment is ‘sight”— the ability to see or to penetrate into things with the focus and clarity of a regenerated mind

There is an ancient fact: ‘One cannot change what one cannot see or understand…’

There is much talk about the 2012 event…

I remarked to someone lately that there is the perception that 2012 will come, everyone will graduate because the biochemistry and the quantum physics will provide for that graduation and  everyone will be rendered all-knowing without any cognitive understanding of what they have been a part of for eons, and why

If that is true there would have been no need for the process of our living on this physical plane with all the institutions put in place to ensure that the physical, emotional and mental bodies grow and mature in preparation for this event.  To ensure that come graduation day the individual is qualified for that graduation through the process of his step by step evolution, rendering him a conscious individual who has earned that graduation and qualified to pass through the Gate of Initiation/Graduation

What in fact is the 11:11 Gateway?

It is none other than the symbolic portal of Solomon’s Temple which everyone must enter through…

One Black and one White…

Boaz and Joachim…

The Light and the Dark…

The Black Lodge and the White Lodge…

It must be understood that the reward for our sojourn here and our entitlement to graduation is not money but wisdom…

If we remember correctly, Solomon was described as the wisest man that ever lived.

Solomon’s temple is used as the reference to the achievement of the full development of the human vehicle made ready to fully house divine knowledge…

Solomon gained his wisdom by reconciling the pairs of opposites…

This is the only way wisdom can be achieved…

Because Solomon lived a life totally immersed in both extremes of earthly experiences, he qualified himself to speak with authority on all subjects…

He is not a propagator of conspiracy theories…

He became a KNOWER…

Not because of anything he was told by anyone else but because he, through his own experiences and his ability to understand, reason and make meaning of relationships and associations was able to see with the single eye of the inner mind that all apparent differences are parts of one whole…

That there is in fact no separation

This ability must be achieved by everyone who yearns to be liberated

The inability to have compassion for our fellowman stems from the lack of capacity to see ourselves in them…

The wise man is always symbolized as wearing a grey robe.  He symbolizes one who has reconciled the pairs of opposites…

He has integrated light and dark; so-called good and the so-called evil…

He is the living representation of the Black Pillar and the White Pillars of Solomon’s Temple…

He is the Master of the Lodge because he has mastered the laws of the Black Lodge and the White Lodge and now has dominion over all things

He has mastered the illusion of separation…

He is now qualified to legitimately stand as a representative of humanity…

Jesus emerged on the stage of Life as the Master Builder and Wayshower and demonstrated to humanity how the Temple is Built and how the Path of Return must be walked…

He is the representative to man as one who has healed the cleavage in the mind, entered through the gates of Oneness, and achieved the title of 33rd degree…

Humanity chose to come to this water planet called Earth to experience the illusion of separation and to be able to report back to himself what that feels like by being able to make correct meaning and interpretation of his emotional life experiences in a physical world according to divine principles…

He came here to forget and then to remember the divine idea that brought him into incarnation, and the inner secrets that idea holds for his liberation from matter…

May Light Be Extended Upon You…

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Passage through the 11:11 Doorway…

No one who is in separation will be allowed to go through the doorway

According to scientists, astrologers and the ancient teachings of all cultures, a major occurrence is poised to occur at 11:11 on December 21st in the year of 2012.

At that time we will supposedly have come to the end of the Grand Cosmic Year of the Piscean Cycle.

During the Piscean cycle a large number of bodies came into incarnation; during this period these bodies were perfected enough, physically, emotionally and mentally and internal capacity was developed to allow for greater consciousness to dwell inside the cells of the being— always leading to greater self-knowing.

Capacity building was required to ensure that humanity, the highest form of divine life on the planet, would be able to contain the high frequency of vibrational force from his soul that would enter into the vehicle of each individual.

A little known fact of spiritual and religious teachings is that, in the main, humanity came to this planet to develop a vehicle that would allow for the indwelling of Spirit to live permanently in his body, thus accomplishing the Hermetic Axiom:  “That which is Above, is as that which is Below.” and thereby achieve the total spiritualization of Matter and Earth would indeed become a perfect reflection of Above; and Matter and Spirit would consciously no longer be separated.

For this spiritualization to take place, an understanding and integration of the seven principles or laws which the High Priestess has kept veiled for eons must be cognitively understood and integrated into the consciousness of every person who hopes to pass through the gateway as symbolized by the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple — one Black, the other White; and must be reconciled not only mentally, but in every cell of the body, physically.   She, The High Priestess, the Chief Feminine Elder of the Temple, the Uniting Intelligence and Keeper of the Occult Secrets, dictates that no one may pass through the Gates until all pairs of opposites are reconciled on the mental plane, cognitively…NO SEPARATION can go through the Gates!

No one gets a pass.  Spirit is no respecter of persons.  Everyone must meet this requirement. You cannot make up your own laws.  You cannot decide that I don’t like this or that so I will do my own thing.

To be blunt, your “feelings” about the laws are irrelevant…

It was separation, brought about by a cleavage in the mind that created the divided world we now inhabit where everything that “looks” different is warred upon.  Mankind has lost his memory of the relationship between who he is and what he sees outside himself.  If there is a difference he concluded that they bear no relationship to him.

These seven pairs of opposites contain within them the seven laws which must be understood and integrated by the mind through pure of reason and seen with one’s inner eye:

1. Fertility and Sterility

2. Peace and Strife

3. Grace and Sin

4. Life and Death

5. Wealth and Poverty

6. Wisdom and Folly

7. Dominion and Slavery

Humanity is here to reconcile the polarities as stated in the Hermetic Principles in the book The Kybalion by Three Initiates from which the quote below is taken:

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

I will be as plain as I can be:  There is no Devil, there is no Satan that we are fighting and Evil cannot be destroyed, only reconciled.  I do agree with you, there is evil, but since evil is defined as separation caused by the cleavage in the mind as mentioned earlier, the liberation and healing that must occur in order to pass through the gateway is the healing of the mind.

Man must mentally merge so-called good and so-called evil!!!

You have been told that we should kill the mind, nonsense!

Without your mind you cannot attain higher knowledge and higher consciousness…

How do you reconcile the pairs of opposites?

One thing is for sure, feelings alone will not take you there…

Knowledge of the reconciliation is the mystery of the Aquarian Age that is now being unveiled.

We are now mature enough mentally and emotionally to think and act like adults.  No emotionally or mentally childish individuals will be passing through the 11:11 Gates!

Neither your pastor, your Rabbi, your Imam, your mother, your partner, your sister or your brother is going to be able to take you through this portal.

The Age of Aquarius, co-ruled by Leo, which rules the heart and the spine, demands that everyone stands on his/her own two feet both mentally and emotionally and, by extension of these two, spiritually.

The co-dependent horizontal relationship with gurus and masters must give way to a vertical relationship with your own soul who has and will always be your only true teacher…

You must be able to think for yourself, you must be able to reason logically, rationally and objectively.  The gateway is not for a bunch of happy, feel-good people going to drink milk and honey on the other side of the doorway.

That thinking is childish…

There is much work to be done and before it can be done the consciousness has to be there to support it.

People who live in separation will keep separation going because, by nature they hate anything that doesn’t look or feel “right”— all based on emotions and no logic.

They will truly be the left behinds…

In spite of this, they are not going to encounter fire and brimstone…

They are not going to be cast into a lake of fire…

They will go where young souls go to develop into mature adults…

They need more time, so that in the next cycle they will be ready to move on.

I have observed that there is a great resistance to transitioning from a Piscean consciousness into the consciousness of the Aquarian Age…

That is understandable since we have gotten used to patterns of thinking and behaving that have become comfortable.

We are all in our comfort zones…

Well, Saturn the celestial teacher, who creates crises, yes, creates them, has other plans…

The crises in your life are not caused by the Devil, unless by Devil you mean Saturn (or Satan).  Saturn the benevolent Mother/Father knows that if left to our own devises we would never move forward due to the inertia of planet earth and mental laziness…

So, out of loving kindness, our way of thinking has to be interrupted and, sometimes radically, in order to bring us to the point of recognition needed for us to “see” what must be changed in our lives.

As I’ve said before, we came to this planet through an involutionary journey into matter to become totally immersed in the illusion and density of this planet… to have a complete physical, emotional and mental experience in matter that would provide a level of knowledge that could not be gained any other way….

Mankind then emerges out of that illusion, with greater wisdom, knowledge and understanding…

For this you need a mind to help make meaning of all this experience

The High Priestess, who is associated with the Moon Center and the organ of sight in the body often referred to as the Third Eye, which gives one that ability to “see” and with this “inner eye” is able to reconcile the pairs of opposites.

When that is accomplished one is able to see that what appears to be two unrelated aspects of any reality are in fact reflections of each other.  The aspirant now sees that although the Black and the White Pillars at the door of Solomon’s Temple appear to be totally different and unrelated, with this new sight he is able to see how they are perfect reflections of each other.  This was the intended outcome for being immersed in matter on planet earth…to loose one’s memory of Oneness…to almost totally forget… and now to emerge out of the illusion of separation and amnesia back into unity…while at the same time building a vehicle to house that Oneness…

I suggest that all who have disdain for people and situations that are ‘different’ or do not reflect their thinking or point of view begin to muster the courage to start looking at life with a different eye.  You will have to begin to do that…and, we do not have much time left.

Let me remind you that Saturn and Chronos, the time-keeper, are in fact the same entity and

He/She has a stop-watch and, when the time is up, it is all over…

The process of understanding the curriculum is not an open-ended one and there is no embarrassment at not being able to totally get it.

If an individual does not have the capacity to comprehend unity and oneness, there is no fire and brimstone that is going to be rained down on them, but instead they will be moved into another reality that is conducive to their continued development and evolution.

We do not condemn an elementary student to death because he/she is not able to understand calculus…

On December 21st, 2012, for the first time in the history of humanity, the largest number of beings will simultaneously experience the first step toward Initiation through the conscious decision they made to penetrate the veil of appearances and illusion because they were mature and adult enough to give themselves permission to see Truth.

The word Maya means illusion and what December 11:11 doorway of 2012 represents is the parting of the veiling of illusion.  Those who are able to see what they were not now capable of seeing, not because anyone was hiding anything from them, but because they were simply not capable or chose not to; but having made themselves ready, will now be able to move through the gateway.

Those who are able to see will have turned their faces toward symbolic Jerusalem – The Abode of Peace.  These will be the oft spoken of candidates for Initiation.

Who is an Initiate and what is Initiation you ask?

Initiate: The man/woman in whom there is an absence of dualism.  He can stand at the center of the transforming will and bring about the needed changes in the form nature without identifying himself with it or being affected by it.  His number is eleven and he works in the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, the sign of universal consciousness.

Initiation:  the process of penetrating into the mysteries of the science of the Self and of one’s self in all senses. The Path of Initiation is the final stage in the evolution traveled by man and is divided into seven stages represented by the seven gateways of the charkas. The three major centers in the body associated with initiation are the sexual, the heart and the center in the brain.


I was guided in writing three books and the information I was to present to humanity was specific.  It was only after completing all three books that I realized that all three books, plus The Idea that Is United States of America-Its Occult Foundation, chapter eight of Role of Consciousnesss… each lay out the path to initiation using different approaches.

For more information, please visit:

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Amazon: https://amzn.to/2MT5MBr

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America Will Bend But Will Never Break…

America will bend but will never break

As I travel internationally and listen to foreigners converse about the United States of America and its future, it is clear that many have a love-hate relationship with America.  They admire the can-do attitude, the optimism, and marvel at how Americans always think they can solve every problem while, on the other hand, they feel Americans are too sure of themselves.  Dear friends, it is that spirit of ‘failure is not an option’ that brought the Republic into being and will see it through to its final successful destiny!

I must admit that Americans can be very arrogant at times, and that is because many forget or are not aware of the true destiny of this unique country and what constitutes the idea called America.

America is the young child of Europe and, like the Aquarian-minded young people of the 70’s who, in spite of the brilliance and innovative ideas that made them millionaires and billionaires before they went bust, they realized that without the wisdom of their parents’ generation  they were bound to course correct, and they did – and America will too!  America will increasingly realize that the “parent” has an important contribution to make in America’s success in fulfilling its destiny.  The idea for this democratic republic began long before Europe and America existed as nations.  It was prophesied that the twin brothers Manasseh and Ephraim, Great Britain and the United States respectively, would exist to fulfill the purpose for which mankind was seeded on our planet, under the careful supervision and direction of the Star, Sirius.  It was the six masonic lodges of England, France, The Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland and Germany that laid the foundation for this new Democratic Republic, and it was to Francis Bacon of the British Empire that the task was entrusted to set up the republic, based on the masonic principles, that would guide America to its true destiny.

This destiny is very different from what most American’s have in mind and I think this is a good time to go back and revisit those principles and why, on that basis, the country is on track, despite appearances to the contrary!

I have heard much talk about China and India, and other nations, rising in economic power such that they will soon overtake the USA.   Like all great empires that have been known to rise and fall they say, America will be the next to fall since its influence is waning on the planet.

Not true!   America is growing up and becoming an adult.  America will always be a prosperous nation but it will put its spiritual agenda, and I emphasize spiritual and not religious, in right order to matter or the physical, to fulfill its mission.  America is a rising star.  The assumption that America is due to fall is based on the notion that America is just like all the great empires that have ever existed.  However, what is mostly unknown is the unique and singular premise on which America was created.

America’s greatness is not predicated on its military and financial power as most other empires have been.  Having now demonstrated to the world how matter, physical and monetary, can be acquired and exalted, it is now embarking on the true mission for which the country came into existence…Enlightenment.   This too is the goal for each individual.

It is no mistake that the iconic image of America is a woman standing in New York harbor with a book in one hand and a torch in the other.  The allegorical symbolism, that this country was established to be a light to the world and that Enlightenment must be achieved, ultimately, through the power of the mind.  Lady Liberty, who was originally named Liberty Enlightening the World, stands as a constant reminder to America and the world that the true purpose for which America was created is to be a beacon of Light… Enlightenment!

America has an Aquarian soul, meaning, its true destiny, as it unfolds, is to be the example to the world of:

  • Brotherhood (of Mankind);
  • Synthesis;
  • Restoration of equal feminine power and rulership (essential to mankind’s liberation);
  • How true masonry provides the vehicle for higher knowledge and initiation;  and,
  • Service.

America will demonstrate to the world what happens when a country, as well as the individual, turns its face toward symbolic Jerusalem… The Abode of Peace… and reverses its path out of matter toward Oneness with one’s true Self, who was brought into matter, to fulfill a specific purpose.

As with an individual, each country has a destiny that is determined by the time of its birth which marks and defines how it will unfold throughout the three stages of life:

  • youth;
  • adulthood; and
  • old age

America celebrates July 4th as its birth date and, with this information we know that it was created to be a vehicle to “house” the divine idea of Initiation… to give birth to the idea of Enlightenment – nurture it, and to bring it to perfection over time.

This country was created to be an incubator where anyone and everyone would come to play out the concept of “E pluribus Unum”…out of many one people.  Through education and an understanding of our shared origin, these different cultures and races of humanity would come to intermingle and, through a more intimate knowledge of each other, come to know that though “appearances” suggest they are different and unrelated, they are indeed ONE.

Just as the two pillars in Solomon’s temple, one black and one white, reflect an apparent disconnect, when penetrated with the mind of pure reason, it can be proven that each is a perfect reflector of the other, and that in fact, when the true nature of each is understood what emerges is only the illusory aspect of separation.

Regardless of who is sitting in the presidential role in the USA, no person occupies this position without being allowed to do so by the Spiritual Hierarchy.  America is a spiritual idea and unfolds along the masonic agenda laid down by Sirius who brought it into existence with a definite plan, with a specific outcome.

Each political party represents one half of the pair of opposites and, to understand why each party’s agenda is allowed to play out, it must be understood that this is to bring into clearer focus to the minds of the citizens of America and the world what is needed in the struggle to find the middle way, and what the process looks like.  The pairs of opposites are what mankind came to the planet to play out and to reconcile!  We are not falling apart, we are right on track.  The institutions and, our society as a whole, which have been immersed in matter, are seeing their foundation crack, as it should.  As individuals and as a country we have defined ourselves by how much material possessions and societal position we have and can amass.  Well, that illusion is falling away and countries such as China, India, and others, are now moving in to fill that necessary role.  It was important for America to show to the world what happens when one becomes so immersed in materialism, greed, selfishness and separation. Other countries will now try that on to see what it looks and feels like …to become satiated with all that matter has to offer and, like the prodigal son and King Solomon, turn its back on what no longer satisfies, reverses its step, and move to the next phase of the journey.  This is America’s next step!

It is to America that the task was given to lead humanity out of bondage to ignorance and the illusion to matter.

We have a future ahead that is much, much brighter than anything we have known before or can even imagine, but for that future to become a reality, the foundation of the old must be destroyed.  We cannot tarry any longer in the land of the “splendors and excitement of the underworld” where greed, selfishness and separation abide.  Though the allure is great, they only satisfy our lower natures.  To tarry too long in this world is to run the risk of losing one’s soul.

It is through the conscious grace and mercy of the elder brothers of the race of man, who are among us and who have themselves overcome the illusions of matter, that the foundation in our systems are breaking.  They influence the minds of mankind to bring about mental regeneration, causing liberation from the bondage of ignorance and form.

We are a mighty people, all of us…black, white, brown, yellow and everything in between.  Let us awaken to the task before us and for which we are more than able.  America, the world is waiting, watching and hoping.  All know in their souls that if a better world cannot be realized in the United States of America, it cannot happen anywhere – they know this in their souls!

It is understandable that people become afraid when they don’t know what lies ahead.  I am here to remind us all of the foundation on which this great country was founded and that…”America will bend, but will never break”.  America’s critics will be disappointed but should take heart because their success and destiny is also tied up with America.  No other people on the planet have the ability to course correct as quickly and the time is coming when they will need to do just that.  And in a hurry, and they will!

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