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The Riddle of the Sphinx…

The Sphinx is the propounder of the eternal riddle, the answer to which is “Man”.

All the Masters of Wisdom know, Man is the great mystery to be solved….

One of the symbols of The Age of Aquarius is that of the Sphinx with the head of a human and the body of a lion.

The sign of the Sphinx is divided into two zodiacal signs: Leo, the Lion and Virgo, the Virgin which together symbolize Spirit and Matter, Soul and Form— God-man.

This relates to the state of human evolution and the conscious realization of duality, therefore, Leo and Virgo together represent the whole man.

The sign of Aquarius, an air sign whose planetary rulers, esoterically, are Uranus and Saturn is that of the Man carrying a water pot, the water that the thirsty souls of humanity seek.  The body of a lion refers to the sign of Leo whose planetary ruler is the Sun which rules the spine and the heart. We must keep in mind that it was during the Leo cycle that mankind’s spine became erect and he was able to stand on his “own two feet”.  Leo’s polar opposite of the sign of Aquarius and rules the blood and the circulatory system through which the spiritual essence brings about the regeneration of the individual.

In this Cosmic and planetary cycle of Aquarius “Man” will come to stand on his own two feet, with an erect spine and an open heart circulating the intelligence of the Sun and unfolding the Divine Image of the God/Man.

Mankind will continue to move his focus and attention for his guidance from the “horizontal” of imperfect teachers to the “vertical” where his Soul will be his guide.

The supreme attainment of the identification of the inner Self of the human personality with the cosmic Self allow all the errors and distortion of the personality to be destroyed with the sword of truth.

The incongruous nature of the Sphinx, like the Greek centaur and the Assyrian man-bull are composite creatures combining human and animal elements.  They speak to the mysteries all signify: the composite nature of man with the higher and lower minds and the relationship between them.  They also subtly refer to the hierarchies of celestial beings that have charge of the destiny of mankind.

These hierarchies refer to the twelve holy animals known to us as the twelve constellations.  These star groups are only symbols of impersonal spiritual impulses.

Chiron, the centaur, symbolizes the intelligences of the constellation of Sagittarius and are the teachers to the sons of Man. These are the custodians of the secret doctrine while, geocentrically, the Sun was passing through the sign of Gemini.

The five-footed Assyrian man-bull with wings of an eagle and head of a man is a reminder that the invisible nature of man has the wings of an eagle, the head of a man, and the body of a beast.

This same concept is expressed through the Sphinx which has been known as the armed guardian of the Mysteries who crouches at the gates of the temple and prevents those who have not made themselves worthy from entering through the portals of Initiation.

The mystery of the Sphinx includes memory….

The solar plexus is the abdominal brain and holds the physical, emotional and mental memory of the personality which is the lower Self.  This memory is tainted by erroneous interpretations of one’s life experiences over many life times.

It is those erroneous interpretations made without the benefit of the perfect memory of the Cosmic Self which never forgets anything and oversees the precise unfoldment of the individual.  In the process of perfect recollection and identification of the lower Self with the Cosmic Self all false notions must disappear.

Mankind is now on the Return Path and on this path the memories of the lower Self which keep the individual in bondage and in confusion must give way to the perfect memory of the Cosmic Self.  This occurs through the alchemical process which takes place in the cells bringing about the destruction of false ideas regarding the One Life.

The inner sense of “hearing” the platform is pure reason is awakened leading to intuition. It must be noted intuition is not the same as psychic impressions and the auditory perceptions of the “voices” of the lower Self.

Intuition is the connection of the individual with the Cosmic Self and the auditory perceptions of the “Voice” to the individual reveal the thoughts in the mind of the Cosmic Self to the lower Self.   In this revelation, truth is known and the individual is able to understand a world that few are able to.

Many speak and very convincingly about a higher experience.  However, there is no permanence to this impressive talk.  All higher experiences, to be permanent, must be achieved as a result of a cellular alchemical process.  This process results in a regenerated individual who no longer believes or has faith in the Cosmic Reality, but as he is guided step by step toward an establishment of the perfect laws with his own Temple.

The perfect fulfillment of the law of freedom will lead him to become a “Knower”…

He knows he has no Will of his.  He also knows he cannot fail and that success is assured because his plans are that of the Greater Plan.  He feels within him the resistless urge of the Will, which others interpret as his own.

The body of the adept being built is by ideas and the field of his mastery is by speech, since, in the occult sense, speech signifies both thought and articulate sound. A Master of his Temple is one who knows the secret of magical speech.  He knows the vibratory values of certain combinations of sound and thought combined and builds a body that is resistant to every hostile external force.  This adept is the Master of the positive and negative expressions of the Astral Light symbolized by two Sphinxes, one back and one white.

The wise knows that to solve the riddle of the Sphinx all the pairs of opposites must be merged— Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Above and Below, etc.….

Only through the downward and outward flow of the Holy Influence of the One Self through one’s personality vehicle can liberation come. The liberated one does not deal in illusions or glamour.  His thoughts and speech embody the truth of Reality as opposed to the lie of appearances.

This is so because he has perfected himself in the art of occult speech he is able to transmit the knowledge of the True Self from the higher planes to the lower.

At the final judgment, when the veil is rent, mankind’s sense of antagonistic dualism will end. That which the Virgin Mother has hidden from expression for eons will be revealed, and the Cosmic Christ who mankind has waited for so long will be manifested on Earth.

When the nature of the world is revealed the mystery of the Sphinx will be over…

LVX: May Light Be Extended Upon You


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Passage through the 11:11 Doorway…

No one who is in separation will be allowed to go through the doorway

According to scientists, astrologers and the ancient teachings of all cultures, a major occurrence is poised to occur at 11:11 on December 21st in the year of 2012.

At that time we will supposedly have come to the end of the Grand Cosmic Year of the Piscean Cycle.

During the Piscean cycle a large number of bodies came into incarnation; during this period these bodies were perfected enough, physically, emotionally and mentally and internal capacity was developed to allow for greater consciousness to dwell inside the cells of the being— always leading to greater self-knowing.

Capacity building was required to ensure that humanity, the highest form of divine life on the planet, would be able to contain the high frequency of vibrational force from his soul that would enter into the vehicle of each individual.

A little known fact of spiritual and religious teachings is that, in the main, humanity came to this planet to develop a vehicle that would allow for the indwelling of Spirit to live permanently in his body, thus accomplishing the Hermetic Axiom:  “That which is Above, is as that which is Below.” and thereby achieve the total spiritualization of Matter and Earth would indeed become a perfect reflection of Above; and Matter and Spirit would consciously no longer be separated.

For this spiritualization to take place, an understanding and integration of the seven principles or laws which the High Priestess has kept veiled for eons must be cognitively understood and integrated into the consciousness of every person who hopes to pass through the gateway as symbolized by the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple — one Black, the other White; and must be reconciled not only mentally, but in every cell of the body, physically.   She, The High Priestess, the Chief Feminine Elder of the Temple, the Uniting Intelligence and Keeper of the Occult Secrets, dictates that no one may pass through the Gates until all pairs of opposites are reconciled on the mental plane, cognitively…NO SEPARATION can go through the Gates!

No one gets a pass.  Spirit is no respecter of persons.  Everyone must meet this requirement. You cannot make up your own laws.  You cannot decide that I don’t like this or that so I will do my own thing.

To be blunt, your “feelings” about the laws are irrelevant…

It was separation, brought about by a cleavage in the mind that created the divided world we now inhabit where everything that “looks” different is warred upon.  Mankind has lost his memory of the relationship between who he is and what he sees outside himself.  If there is a difference he concluded that they bear no relationship to him.

These seven pairs of opposites contain within them the seven laws which must be understood and integrated by the mind through pure of reason and seen with one’s inner eye:

1. Fertility and Sterility

2. Peace and Strife

3. Grace and Sin

4. Life and Death

5. Wealth and Poverty

6. Wisdom and Folly

7. Dominion and Slavery

Humanity is here to reconcile the polarities as stated in the Hermetic Principles in the book The Kybalion by Three Initiates from which the quote below is taken:

“Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

I will be as plain as I can be:  There is no Devil, there is no Satan that we are fighting and Evil cannot be destroyed, only reconciled.  I do agree with you, there is evil, but since evil is defined as separation caused by the cleavage in the mind as mentioned earlier, the liberation and healing that must occur in order to pass through the gateway is the healing of the mind.

Man must mentally merge so-called good and so-called evil!!!

You have been told that we should kill the mind, nonsense!

Without your mind you cannot attain higher knowledge and higher consciousness…

How do you reconcile the pairs of opposites?

One thing is for sure, feelings alone will not take you there…

Knowledge of the reconciliation is the mystery of the Aquarian Age that is now being unveiled.

We are now mature enough mentally and emotionally to think and act like adults.  No emotionally or mentally childish individuals will be passing through the 11:11 Gates!

Neither your pastor, your Rabbi, your Imam, your mother, your partner, your sister or your brother is going to be able to take you through this portal.

The Age of Aquarius, co-ruled by Leo, which rules the heart and the spine, demands that everyone stands on his/her own two feet both mentally and emotionally and, by extension of these two, spiritually.

The co-dependent horizontal relationship with gurus and masters must give way to a vertical relationship with your own soul who has and will always be your only true teacher…

You must be able to think for yourself, you must be able to reason logically, rationally and objectively.  The gateway is not for a bunch of happy, feel-good people going to drink milk and honey on the other side of the doorway.

That thinking is childish…

There is much work to be done and before it can be done the consciousness has to be there to support it.

People who live in separation will keep separation going because, by nature they hate anything that doesn’t look or feel “right”— all based on emotions and no logic.

They will truly be the left behinds…

In spite of this, they are not going to encounter fire and brimstone…

They are not going to be cast into a lake of fire…

They will go where young souls go to develop into mature adults…

They need more time, so that in the next cycle they will be ready to move on.

I have observed that there is a great resistance to transitioning from a Piscean consciousness into the consciousness of the Aquarian Age…

That is understandable since we have gotten used to patterns of thinking and behaving that have become comfortable.

We are all in our comfort zones…

Well, Saturn the celestial teacher, who creates crises, yes, creates them, has other plans…

The crises in your life are not caused by the Devil, unless by Devil you mean Saturn (or Satan).  Saturn the benevolent Mother/Father knows that if left to our own devises we would never move forward due to the inertia of planet earth and mental laziness…

So, out of loving kindness, our way of thinking has to be interrupted and, sometimes radically, in order to bring us to the point of recognition needed for us to “see” what must be changed in our lives.

As I’ve said before, we came to this planet through an involutionary journey into matter to become totally immersed in the illusion and density of this planet… to have a complete physical, emotional and mental experience in matter that would provide a level of knowledge that could not be gained any other way….

Mankind then emerges out of that illusion, with greater wisdom, knowledge and understanding…

For this you need a mind to help make meaning of all this experience

The High Priestess, who is associated with the Moon Center and the organ of sight in the body often referred to as the Third Eye, which gives one that ability to “see” and with this “inner eye” is able to reconcile the pairs of opposites.

When that is accomplished one is able to see that what appears to be two unrelated aspects of any reality are in fact reflections of each other.  The aspirant now sees that although the Black and the White Pillars at the door of Solomon’s Temple appear to be totally different and unrelated, with this new sight he is able to see how they are perfect reflections of each other.  This was the intended outcome for being immersed in matter on planet earth…to loose one’s memory of Oneness…to almost totally forget… and now to emerge out of the illusion of separation and amnesia back into unity…while at the same time building a vehicle to house that Oneness…

I suggest that all who have disdain for people and situations that are ‘different’ or do not reflect their thinking or point of view begin to muster the courage to start looking at life with a different eye.  You will have to begin to do that…and, we do not have much time left.

Let me remind you that Saturn and Chronos, the time-keeper, are in fact the same entity and

He/She has a stop-watch and, when the time is up, it is all over…

The process of understanding the curriculum is not an open-ended one and there is no embarrassment at not being able to totally get it.

If an individual does not have the capacity to comprehend unity and oneness, there is no fire and brimstone that is going to be rained down on them, but instead they will be moved into another reality that is conducive to their continued development and evolution.

We do not condemn an elementary student to death because he/she is not able to understand calculus…

On December 21st, 2012, for the first time in the history of humanity, the largest number of beings will simultaneously experience the first step toward Initiation through the conscious decision they made to penetrate the veil of appearances and illusion because they were mature and adult enough to give themselves permission to see Truth.

The word Maya means illusion and what December 11:11 doorway of 2012 represents is the parting of the veiling of illusion.  Those who are able to see what they were not now capable of seeing, not because anyone was hiding anything from them, but because they were simply not capable or chose not to; but having made themselves ready, will now be able to move through the gateway.

Those who are able to see will have turned their faces toward symbolic Jerusalem – The Abode of Peace.  These will be the oft spoken of candidates for Initiation.

Who is an Initiate and what is Initiation you ask?

Initiate: The man/woman in whom there is an absence of dualism.  He can stand at the center of the transforming will and bring about the needed changes in the form nature without identifying himself with it or being affected by it.  His number is eleven and he works in the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, the sign of universal consciousness.

Initiation:  the process of penetrating into the mysteries of the science of the Self and of one’s self in all senses. The Path of Initiation is the final stage in the evolution traveled by man and is divided into seven stages represented by the seven gateways of the charkas. The three major centers in the body associated with initiation are the sexual, the heart and the center in the brain.


I was guided in writing three books and the information I was to present to humanity was specific.  It was only after completing all three books that I realized that all three books, plus The Idea that Is United States of America-Its Occult Foundation, chapter eight of Role of Consciousnesss… each lay out the path to initiation using different approaches.

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The Law of Attraction…

I felt compelled to add my voice to the much written and talked about “Law of Attraction.” It appears many are just delighted to know that a law exists that allows all their desires to come into their lives with the right focus!  Based on the scientific premise of the law, we know that is exactly what it does. However we focus the mind, we are able to move matter in that direction.

However, to shed some light on this law we need to understand where it came from.  The Law of Attraction was instituted at the beginning of time to ensure that the ‘Personality’ – the earthly vehicle made up of the physical, emotional and mental bodies – would find his way back together with his soul so the individual could be whole again.  It was intended that the purpose for which humanity came into evolution and the ‘experiment’ which was the foundation of Man’s play in matter, would also provide for his return so that he would not become lost in the illusion of Matter.

Mankind’s desire when he chose to come onto the plane of name and form was to immerse himself in matter, to lose himself in it and then remember the real reason for which he chose to come on the adventure.

In the Christian story of the prodigal son, the son went out into the world to experience everything he could not learn in the controlled environment of his home.  He needed to go out into the world and gave himself permission to experience all his heart desired in the world of form….and he did!  Then, as the story goes, he became so satiated with matter and, having had his fill, he decided to reverse his path and return home!  The path home is analogous to the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is in operation when the illusion of success, peace, happiness and wholeness is attained through matter ends and the individual turns his face toward symbolic Jerusalem, the Abode of Peace…

In the Fama Fraternatis of 1610, it is written of a German lad of high nobility of, who discovers that with all his wealth and position in society, he was in poverty.  Whether it is through this story and the point of cognition that led him to initiate his journey from West to East through the desert to Jerusalem, or the story of the prodigal son of the Christian story who left home on his adventure into the far country and who became immersed in matter and all it has to offer, each of us must come to ourselves after becoming satiated, reverse our steps and head for (re-)union with his soul to attain true peace.

Similarly, Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum of the Masonic story and who respectively represent the physical, emotional and mental bodies, had the same experience as everyone eventually does.  Everyone comes to know that matter offers no permanent peace and that only through the reconnection of the personality to one’s soul, when the wandering is over, that through the benevolent “Law of Attraction” can sustainable success and fulfillment be achieved.

They who have walked the path to true fulfillment know that matter – the lowest form of spirit – must come under the dominion of spirit who created it, for the true order of things to be in operation.  When, through the Law of Attraction, the soul and the personality come back into union with one another, the desire nature changes and the thirst and hunger is for things that truly last.  This cannot take place however, until one’s fascination with gold is complete and he/she acquires the ability to see that gold was never what he was looking for.  Spirit cannot be manipulated to give you more, and, if you need more matter so you can be happy… matter  can do just that and take you to the ultimate of your illusion.

Jesus our wayshower for the Age of Pisces was and is the perfect example of what this journey is about… he had no money, no house, no land or formal education though totally learned, such that he could carry out the most profound discourse with the rabbis of the Sanhedrin.  He was never in need of anything and was the perfect example to Man, his life was simple!  But as we know, since he understood that when the law of attraction operates for the purpose for which it was originally intended, his physical obligations would be met.  H knew that this was the source – not the job, the wife, the husband, the inheritance, etc.  He walked the planet for “33” symbolic years to perfect the union of his soul and his earthly body to be able to say, when his process of Initiation was achieved —I and my father are one— the law of attraction had completed its work in him and brought about the result for which it was established.

In the union of soul and personality, there is no more wanting – matter and spirit are no longer alienated from each other, and as a matter of course, everything one needs in the physical world now responds to him because the “law” is now established in him and must respond to him to provide all he needs in the physical world.  The struggle with matter ends and instead yields to him in his consciousness. The pair of opposites — Poverty and Wealth— are now reconciled!  As the young German discovers by the time he completes his journey in Jerusalem, wealth is not the possession of gold, and poverty is not the absence of gold!

It is very unfortunate that religious dogma seems to suggest to its followers that the measure of how much one is loved by God and is successful, is the amount of material possessions or gold they can amass.  This absurd notion has caused mankind to define itself by how much he/she has and all his time is spent acquiring more and more possessions, leaving no time for the self-reflection and self-assessment that will lead to liberation from the bondage to form and ignorance.

The hand of Saturn, the celestial teacher, can be seen so strongly in the financial crisis the world is experiencing.  Humanity must turn his attention to the creator of matter and not be ruled by the matter he has created.  The current financial crisis is designed to cause a reversal in the mind so that Man embarks on his Path of Return, which is the goal of the Aquarian Age!  Man will come to know within his being:  Spirit is the highest form of Matter, and Matter is the lowest form of Spirit.  He will remember that his purpose here is to re-constitute his three lower bodies so he can house his Spirit who brought him into evolution to carry out its purpose.

The Law of Attraction, like any law, is neutral and will attract anything one focuses its attention on.  Man, the craftsman must bring about the alchemical process in his being, through right attention and right focus, that allows for the transformation in his cells to occur that will make him an acceptable vehicle for his spirit to come in and commune with him.  Only then can the true secrets of life and the mystery of who he is be revealed to him so he can achieve true wealth and lasting peace.

And that, is the true law of attraction at work.

***More information on the Fama Fraternatis can be found in Unveiling the Secrets of the Feminine Principle and more about the Masonic stories of Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum can be found in the book The Role of Consciousness in Governance.

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Summer Solstice, Grand Cross and Isis Unveiled!

Isis Unveiled!

  Isis,  Keeper of the Ancient Mysteries!

Many might be asking…what are the ancient mysteries anyway?  Well, this is a body of knowledge that has existed for centuries and, it might be accurate to say, since the beginning of time.  It  is informed by such Masters of Wisdom as Jesus whom we call the Christ, Buddhah, Loa-Tse, Hermes, Thoth, Quetzacoatl, Saint Germaine, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, the symbolic Harim Abiff of the Masonic legend and many, many others who have walked this planet as humans from every race, culture and geographic region as representatives of humanity.   By following the path of Initiation, they achieved Adeptship!  Who is an Adept?…One who has mastered his ‘lower nature’ to become master of himself and all the kingdoms below him…God-Man, member of the Fifth Kingdom as Jesus became, being the elder brother of the race of man…the wayshower! While Buddah was the wayshower for the Age of Pisces just now ended, Jesus the Christ is the wayshower for the Age of Aquarius we have just entered.

Buddah incarnated to show humanity how to walk the mystical path toward Initiation.  Then, two thousand years ago Jesus came onto the plane of matter to walk the seventh stage, the occult path, and the ultimate toward —Initiation!  That is the goal of mankind…Initiation!

Like any good teacher, Jesus left the blueprint for how to achieve initiation, and then disappeared, allowing mankind to follow the blueprint left behind to unfold himself with the guidance and direction of the advanced souls on the planet.  He knew that for anyone to achieve enlightenment, he must wrestle with himself to overcome erroneous ideas of separation, to reconcile the seven pairs of opposites —

  • Fertility and Sterility
  • Peace and Strife
  • Grace and Sin
  • Life and Death
  • Wealth and Poverty
  • Wisdom and Folly
  • Dominion and Slavery

which will liberate him from the bondage of ignorance!

Over the last two thousand years during the Age of Pisces which was responsible for the development of consciousness in the cells, the Lords of Compassion were responsible for overseeing the proper development of the physical, emotional and mental bodies of each individual so that his or her personality vehicle would be able to house the divine idea perfectly…to result in Initiation!

Jesus’ role was to demonstrate to humanity that he, Man, can, is expected to, and will achieve full Adeptship while in human form as he did…that is why he is called the wayshower…he was here to show the way, not to be worshipped.

Living among us, are thousands of souls in every land who have achieved Adeptship…they walk among us but because the eyes of mankind are not yet fully opened, they cannot be seen.   Mankind is still caught up with the illusion of matter, the sensational and that which dazzles!  This is changing rapidly and to give us a huge jolt toward this end the “stars” are now aligned to facilitate this movement forward.

The Masters of Wisdom operate behind the scenes to orchestrate and shape the unfolding of individuals, governments, countries, and both public and private institutions to establish the Divine Plan on Earth.

All along the way, Humanity has been impulsed by divine energy, goading him on toward the established goal of full self-knowledge which is what we call Enlightment.

For the first time in the history of Humanity, a large number or ‘critical mass’ is now ready to simultaneously embark on the path of Initiation!  The Divine Mother is initiating the process!

Astrologers tell us that this rare alignment of the planetary bodies Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus is going to be in a special configuration designed to emit a significant impulse of divine force to accelerate the process of conscious evolution for mankind and all the kingdoms below beginning on the summer solstice on June 21st together with the Grand Cross alignment of July 7th…one can see the hand of Isis in this alignment because the number for July 7th , 2010 is 17…the number of the “Star” in Qabalistic Tarot…Isis Unveiled!

Of Isis is written atop the Temple of Sais:

I, Isis, am all that has been, that is, or shall be; no mortal man hath ever me unveiled.  The fruit, which I have brought forth, is “the Sun.”

I am Isis, mistress of the whole land; I was instructed by Hermes and with Hermes, I invented the writings of the nations, in order that not all should write with the same letters.  I gave mankind their laws, and ordained what no one can alter.  I am the eldest daughter of Kronos; I am the wife and sister of the King Osiris.  I am she who rises in the Dog-star.  I am she who is called the goddess of women.  I am she who separated the heaven from the earth.  I have pointed out their paths to the stars.  I have invented seamanship.  I have brought together men and women.  I have ordained that the elders shall be beloved by the children. With my brother, Osiris, I made an end to cannibalism.  I have instructed mankind in the mysteries.  I have taught reverence of the divine statues.  I have established the temple precincts.  I have overthrown the dominion of the tyrants.  I have caused men to love woman.  I have made justice more powerful than silver than gold.  I have caused truth to be considered beautiful.37

(Erman’s Handbook of Egyptian Religion)

Isis is the keeper of the ancient mysteries,  She has held the secrets of life until Humanity is mature enough to comprehend their inner meaning and their application to life.

For more information, please visit:

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