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The Three Abrahamic Religions…

The Three Abrahamic Religions…

Judaism, Islam and Christianity described as the three Abrahamic religions are symbolic of the three strains of humanity and of the three candidates in the Masonic Legend who approach the Gates of Initiation with their bags of gold to offer as their gifts to the Lord in exchange for eternal peace.  However, they were told that gold was not an acceptable offering for the gift of eternal peace and that in order to enter through the portals of Initiation they would have to leave their gold behind.  This occurrence took place in the very, very ancient past of which humanity has little or no memory.

It is now time to remember…

They were so angry to be told their gold was not an acceptable offering and that they could not enter with their bags of gold, they held on to their treasures, turned their faces toward Earth, and began the long journey into Matter where they would know no Peace. They embarked on a journey into Matter to have an intimate experience with gold or matter and to have that gold offer up to them its secrets and its illusions…

Every member of the human family with all its branches and off-shoots took part in that decision as a representative member of one of the three strains of Humanity.  That choice and the consequences of that choice is what provides the basis for the journey everyone now walks.

The terms Abraham, Israel, Jews do not refer to people living in a certain geographic area on the planet.  They are symbolic terms referring to ALL humanity and so it is important to understand that the twelve tribes of Israel are in fact a direct reference to the twelve signs of the zodiac and the role each sign plays in the building of the New Jerusalem, and a new and regenerated species of humanity.

Keep in mind also that the term Jerusalem symbolically means: “The Abode of Peace”   This Jerusalem is Pisces.  This is the place of death and likewise the city of peace.

It is important to realize also that the third temple which many expect to be built in Jerusalem and is the cause and focus of so much warfare and turmoil is not a physical temple but is in fact a reference to the body of the Master Mason, a true representation of the spiritual temple each individual is expected to build…’ “The temple not made with hands Eternal in the Heavens” ((Mark 14:58; 2 Corinthians 5:1) KJV

The Age of Pisces was given to growing consciousness in the cells so that the physical, emotional and mental bodies would be capable of housing the divine intent and in time through development, unveil the secrets held for centuries and written in the texts of all major ancient world religions.

The Divine Plan for humanity is that on the level of the soul, he would emerge out of this illusion to matter and its bondage of ignorance and to learn the true relationship of Spirit to Matter.  To know that Spirit is the highest form of Matter, and Matter is the lowest form of Spirit, and therefore Matter can never dominate Spirit and that when a correct relationship is established in the heart and the mind of the individual, peace becomes the end product.

That is where reversal becomes essential to liberation…

It is imperative that mankind remembers the decisions he made, understands them and eventually makes a different choice…

The Ancients have always insisted that it is really Memory that will take us Home…

The Piscean Age saw an enormous accumulation of matter, of gold and the creation of a large number of human bodies or vehicles in which consciousness could be developed and grow.  This resulted in the largest explosion of consciousness on the planet, ever.  Unfortunately, however, there are many of all three Abrahamic religions who are having a difficult time making the transition into the Uranus directed Aquarian consciousness of which the following are characteristics:

  • Brotherhood
  • Synthesis
  • The rise of the Feminine Principle
  • True Masonry
  • Service

It is my hope that we acquaint ourselves with true Masonry; this beautiful and divine body of knowledge given to humanity at the beginning of man’s sojourn into this human experience as a guide to find our way back home but has been hijacked by those who would “grab and hold.”

The principles of Masonry will be the guiding principles for humanity in the 21st century and Uranus who is the revealer of the arcane mysteries will beautifully and powerfully unfold this knowledge to the minds and hearts of those who have built the capacity to comprehend it.

The Inner Order hidden from human sight in the Piscean Age will become externalized in the Aquarian dispensation through those individuals who now with different bodies are able to make contact with the Invisible Order.

The Old and outworn Piscean ideas which must be transmuted are in the final stages of release:  They are:

  • Paternalism
  • Devotion
  • Idealism to the point of fanaticism
  • Patriotism

Many of our members of this age are desperately trying to hold on to these traditions and beliefs of the past, refusing to give way to a more expansive and inclusive understanding of reality. This struggle to preserve what is no longer useful is causing the pain and struggle we are now witnessing globally.

The foundation of their thinking is separation…

They built a tower in which they have lived in isolation to the rest of humanity, all the while clutching the gold by which they define themselves…

And what is significant is that the tower they constructed is the symbol for Mars, the god of war, separation, division, and destruction, conflict with no concept or intention for unity…

From that tower, they are cut off from humanity, and with no contact, they have no idea what are the facts on the ground …

A case in point is what is happening in the middle-east where all these rulers who have lived in Towers of isolation are falling out of those towers, head first to a hard surface literally and figurative…

And wherever similar mind-sets and situations exist, the outcomes will always be the same.

They are the elite who are convinced they are right and they are in direct contact with God who direct and sanction their inhumane and isolationist thinking and activities…

These are the people who have been so-called in charge and running the show for eons…

They are the remnant of the Piscean Age who refuses to accept that they are on the wrong side of the Divine Plan for Humanity, an Age which over the last 2000 years has had the following impact on bringing humanity to the door of Initiation:

  • Bring about the demand for world adjustment
  • Developed the international spirit which has led to the formation of groups in every department of human living thus laying the foundation for the synthesis, an Aquarian characteristic we are now witnessing

On the contrary, these lesser qualities can be found in the three groups of humanity and we can see them play out very strikingly among the three very religious groups who have difficulty transitioning in to the Aquarian Age.

They have the greatest difficulty with these dualities which are also three keynotes of Pisces:

  • Bondage or Captivity
  • Renunciation or Detachment
  • Sacrifice and Death

Only when servitude has been transformed into service will mankind have released himself from the imprisonment of form…

The influence of the planet Uranus is pulling mankind away from his over-indulgence with matter.

The conflict will be between those who grab and hold for themselves and those who let go to grasp the higher treasures.  In this new age we will see all economic, political, racial and physical barriers come down.

 True respect for each other and all life will be realized.   Then, will the Aquarian Age motto of Brotherhood can be lived out in the “Age of the Brotherhood of Man”

May Light Be Extended Upon You…

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