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The Truth about Freemasonry

Everything is governed by some form of urgency toward satisfaction.

This is distinctive of mankind’s search at every stage of his development; whether it is the instinctual urge to self-preservation, which can be seen in his savage search for food or in the economic problems of the modern civilized man.  Or, in the urge to self-reproduction and the satisfaction of the appetite which works itself out in the complexity of the sex life of the human race; whether it is the urge to be popular, loved and esteemed; whether it is the urge for intellectual enjoyment and mental appropriation of truth; whether it is the deep-seated desire for eternal life and rest, which characterizes the Christians; or the aspiration for illumination, which is the demand of the Mystic; or it is the longing for identification with reality which is the wish of the occultist.

Humanity is governed and controlled in some form or another by these urges.  

Until an individual is securely on the Path of Return, he cannot grasp the absolute demand of his own soul for the release from the search for external, material, tangible satisfaction forged by desire.  It was desire that initiated the need to incarnate and to subsequently pursue the path of liberation and purification for a needed period, under the Law of Rebirth.

As the process toward purification progresses the demand on the personality by the soul becomes stronger and stronger.  And as the individual advances on the path toward Initiation, the control of his reactions that at first was unconscious, becomes more potent and is more consciously appreciated.

Masonry is the custodian of the Law…

It is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of Initiation…

It holds in its symbolism the ritual of the Divine, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work…

Masonry is a far more occult organization than might be first realized and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists.

The Masonic Fraternity is one of the three main channels through which preparation for the New Age will take place.  The others are the Educational Field, and the Church, which is a temporary transient place for the evolving soul.  All three have been in a state of static and unable to respond to the inner needs of humanity as they should. However, they are now beginning to respond to the task they have been assigned.

Consequently, the Masonic, the Esoteric and Church organisms will become the three centers of initiation.  In all three groups are to be found members whose centers in the brain are developing to be able to make contact with their higher selves.

 Self-knowledge is the goal…

And can only be achieved when one has a grasp of the Laws which form the basis of all true psychological understanding and apply them to his own unfoldment through rigid self-discipline.

Church members and Masonic Fraternities must become familiar with the inner significance of the various rites, rituals, ceremonies and colors and the importance of the work done upon the floor of the Lodge.  What is played out in symbolic form is essential to strengthening the link to their ancient pass and hastens the process of their evolution.

It is impossible to talk about Masonry without discussing the sign of Gemini.  It is the major symbol of duality—duality caused by the Life Power concentrating its limitless energy of any particular point in space and time.  This created a cleavage in the minds of man and the illusion of separateness, and, therefore, the symbol of the twin pillars Jachin and Boaz.  Gemini is the doorway into cleavage and the doorway through which unity must be achieved.

This Illusion or Maya of separation is what must end and is what the talk of 2012 is about.

Gemini, therefore, governs all the pairs of opposites in the zodiac and also preserves the magnetic interplay between them.  It also has a fluidic relationship between them in order to facilitate their transmutation into unity, since the two must finally again become one.

The Gemini force is what produces the changes needed for the evolution of Christ Consciousness at any particular time and space.

Masonry is a philosophy and not a religion.

The soul communicates in symbols…

The symbolism of Masonry describes the journey mankind embarked upon in the long and distant past; to enter the plane of matter to live out the concept of duality and separation.

This idea of separation is a mental construct, since in reality, it does not exist.  The mental cleavage has taken humanity into the physical, emotional and mental adventure, immersing him into the density of matter with all its allures.  His task is to make his way out of this Maya or Illusion of separation back into Oneness.

 All wars, conflicts, hunger, pains and maladies of life have their origin in separation.

The legend and symbolisms of Masonry is the story of the decent into illusion and the accent through the process of Initiation to liberation…

The following is a quote from The Lost Keys of Masonry by Manly P. Hall

“Masonry is a structure built upon experience.  Each stone is a sequential step in the unfolding of intelligence.  The shrines of Masonry are ornamented by the jewels of a thousand ages; its rituals ring with the words of enlightened seers and illuminated sages.  A hundred religions have brought their gifts of wisdom to its altar.  Arts and sciences unnumbered have contributed to its symbolism.  It is more than a faith; it is a path of certainty.  It is more than a belief; it is a fact.  Masonry is a university, teaching the liberal arts and sciences of the soul to all who will attend to its words.”

The Hiram Legend

Central to the Masonic story is the Grand Architect, Hiram Abiff, Grand Master of the Dionysiac Architects, a Widow’s son, and of no royal descent, who is said to have had no equal among the artisans of the earth.

When the wise man and beloved of God, Solomon, builder of the Everlasting House, and Grand Master of the Lodge in Jerusalem, ascended to the throne of his father David, he consecrated his life to the erection of a temple to God, and a palace for the kings of Israel.  Solomon thought of no one more qualified to build this temple but Hiram Abiff, the Master Builder.

The temple to be erected was no ordinary structure, but alluded to the temple not made with hands eternal in the heavens, according to a pre-ordained plan. The Hiram King of Tyre, who supplied the building materials and the skillful artificer, Hiram Abiff, and the large companies of craftsmen and laborers, assisted King Solomon.

This temple, of which all material edifices are but types and symbols, is the collective body of humanity itself.  A perfected Humanity was the great Temple, which in the counsels of the Most High, was intended to be erected in the mystical Holy City.  The three great Master-builders, Solomon, and the two Hirams, are a triad corresponding, in a manner, with the Holy Trinity of the Christian religion. Hiram Abiff, being the chief architect, is he “by whom all things were made, and in whom the whole building fitly framed together groweth unto a holy habitation in the Lord.”

The materials of this temple are the souls of men, as living stones are fellow craftsmen and collaborators with the divine plan and purpose. The legend of this Master-builder, Hiram Abiff, is a great allegory of Masonry, and its figurative story parallels that of Christ of the Holy Scriptures. As the story goes, CHiram (Hiram), in the building of the temple, divided his workmen into three groups:

  • Entered Apprentices
  • Fellow-craftsmen
  • Master Masons

To each division, CHiram gave certain passwords and signs by which their respective excellence could be easily determined.  Though each was classified according to his merit, some were dissatisfied, feeling that they were entitled to a more exalted position than they were capable of filling. So finally, three of the Fellow-craftsmen, more daring than the rest, decided to force CHiram to reveal the password of the Master’s degree. Knowing that CHiram always went into the unfinished Sanctum Sanctorum at high noon to pray, these three ruffians— Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum, lay in wait for him, one at each of the three main gates to the temple.

When the ruffians were refused the Master’s Word, they each participated in specific ways to his demise with a final blow by Jubelum between the eyes with a mallet CHiram fell dead.  These acts by all three ruffians allude to the need of all three strains of humanity to feel entitled to what they have not earned and not wanting to apply the self-discipline, focus and restraint required for true self-mastery.

The Mysteries are the architects of civilization, and Hiram personified their power and dignity as the Master Builder, as he fell victim to the three ruffians; the recurrent trio: — the State, the Church and the Mob/ or ignorance, superstition, and fear, respectively.

When the State governs, man is full of fear; when the Church governs, man is ruled by superstition; when the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance. It is through the agencies of these three, that the Spirit of Good is murdered, a false kingdom controlled by wrong thinking, wrong feeling, and wrong action are established in its stead, and the material universe of evil appears ever victorious.

When Masonry is free of politics, its social agenda and its paralyzing state of inertia, it will meet the needs of those who are qualified through true Initiation to wield power.

There is a group on the physical plane who without any exoteric organizations, ceremonials, or outer forms are integrating silently, steadfastly and powerfully—a group of men and women who will supersede the past efforts of the Masters of Wisdom—they will supersede all churches, all groups, and all organizations and will eventually constitute that oligarchy of elect souls who govern and guide the world.

They are gathered from every nation and are chosen not by any Master but by the power of their response to the spiritual opportunity, tide and note and not pride or ambition.

May Light Be Extended Upon You! —LVX!

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Initiation marks the point at which the individual recognizes in fact, and not only in theory, his identity with the Divine Self in which he has his existence.

It is a conscious process and not something that happens to you in a wave of euphoria.

I have heard many people in the New Age movement talk about Ascension and the idea of taking ascension classes.  I have asked them to explain if, by ascension they are referring to the process that is spoken of that Jesus went through.  They usually become hesitant to associate their process with that of Jesus’.

When I explain that what Jesus went through is the process of Initiation that makes one an Initiate, an Adept and a Master Mason, they usually recoil from the idea.  But, this makes for a great disconnect if followers of Jesus do not want to associate themselves with who he really was, namely, the Wayshower to the path of Initiation and, by extension, his process.

For many in the New Age community there is a lot of difficulty for them to make the transition from mysticism, which is usually associated with the Eastern tradition, to occultism, and the Western tradition.

The prevailing thinking seems to be that everything eastern is holy, spiritual and therefore good while, on the other hand, anything western is unholy and therefore bad but nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, this thinking reflects the deep separation that exists in the minds of mankind that is responsible for the maladies of the world.

All things are spiritual

It needs to be understood that regardless of one’s culture, race, religious or spiritual orientation, everyone must and will achieve initiation, whether it is in this life or the next or whether it is on this planet or somewhere else.

The process of Initiation liberates the individual from the bondage of ignorance

In fact, what keeps mankind in bondage is his ignorance of his own nature, origin and destiny. And, it is this ignorance he each yearns be liberated from.

The reward or wages at the end of this journey toward liberation is Wisdom, not Gold

I recently heard a minister ask his congregation who would sign up for a life that does not involve material prosperity.  The answer is clear:  Jesus did.  Initiates do.

For the initiate on the path of initiation or liberation, he or she must renounce the world of matter because it is only through this renunciation that he will realize that he has dominion over all Matter.

Each person would do well to regard initiation as a pivotal process in his lifetime and strive to endeavor that every life experience or cycle of life experiences, progress them into a wider field of awareness and expression, all of which will result in their final Initiation.

The underlying theme of the individual evolutionary process is the desire to reconcile each pairs of opposites, which Venus, in Taurus, reveals to the aspirant.  Venus, later in the sign of Capricorn, reveals to man the desire for the whole, the universal, which marks the hallmark of the Initiate.  This process as impacted by Capricorn leads the individual from a self-conscious to group conscious entity. This is how Brotherhood will be established on the planet in the Aquarian Age.   The internal process that each person goes through steadily works this out in the physical, emotional and mental bodies of those prepared to take the next step.

Initiation, which is another name for fusion and/or synthesis, involves the capacity to see, hear, comprehend, synthesize and correlate knowledge.

Initially the body and soul aspects are fused and then, in the final stage the soul infused vehicle merges with his spirit to create a fully illumined entity.

Man is becoming increasingly inclusive due to extra-planetary perceptions

Initiation begins a process that releases the powers of Christ consciousness within the individual resulting in the perfection of the personality vehicle that allows for the transmission of those powers outward, from the causal plane, into manifestation in the physical world.  These practices also modify the chemistry of the blood, which in turn causes a modification of the structures in certain areas of the brain.

The Initiate thus becomes the perfect vehicle, as symbolized by Hermes the messenger of God, because he has now become a God/Man.  He becomes  he “who is called the twice-born” who has built a new physical and not only metaphysical temple of which Solomon’s temple is an example.  These entities are human and live amongst us but go about unseen and/or unknown because they do not occupy the limelight and have no need to do so.

They oversee the administration of this planet

These beings know and understand the quintessence of pain and the depth of “sin” and suffering that mankind has experienced and, because of this knowledge, they are able to adjust their methods for working with humanity to fit the needs of each individual.  They have a love for humanity that triumphs all setbacks because this love is founded on patience, experience and wisdom.  They are distinguished by their knowledge, dynamic will, courage and silence.

Their knowledge, experience and courage are based on ages of endeavor, failure and renewed undertakings, which led to their eventual victory.  Because of this, they are now in service to mankind for a purpose that is enlightened, intelligent and cooperative.  This service to humanity is continuously adjusting itself to meet the needs of the group; to the hierarchical plan and purpose of the Planetary Ruler.   And, because they understand the plan for humanity so well and possess clear illuminated vision, they can bend their will unflinchingly and unswervingly to perform the Great Work of creation.

The Mystery of the Lion and the Unicorn “going up to town” holds within it the secret of initiation in which man must go up to the portal of the temple for admittance into the ‘Hierarchy of Masters’. It also alludes to the “mystic raising” of which Masonry holds the key.

Masonry will be the religious philosophy of the 21st century

The story, The Mystery of the Lion and the Unicorn, also deals with the emergence of the one-pointed consciousness of the initiate.  It also speaks to the defeat of the Lion, which esoterically, has always been used to symbolize the personality, wherein the lower self and animal nature in man is territorial and selfish.

The defeat of the King of Beasts results in the triumph of group, world consciousness and selflessness over selfishness and self-consciousness.  In the true esoteric understanding of this myth, the king of beasts is blinded and killed by the piercing of his eyes and heart by the long horn of the unicorn, and the Initiate is born.

The literal meaning of initiation is “to enter into or begin something”; in the broadest sense it means entrance into the spiritual life.  Therefore, a man who takes his first step into the spiritual kingdom passes out of the purely human kingdom into the superhuman or fifth kingdom.

Just as Man passed out of the animal kingdom into the human kingdom during the stage of individualization; on the path of initiation he now enters upon a life of spirit and begins the final stage of the fivefold evolution.

He groped his way through the Hall of Ignorance for many ages; has gone through the Hall of Learning and is now entering university or, the Hall of Wisdom.

Upon graduation he will receive his degree as Master of Compassion, with Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.

  • Knowledge—a product of the Hall of Learning may be described as the sum total of the human experience and discovery. It can be correlated, diagnosed and defined by the use of human intellect. Knowledge is concerned with the material side of life, evolution, matter in the solar systems, the planet, the three worlds of human evolution and the bodies of men.
  • Wisdom—the product of the Hall of Wisdom relates to the development of life within the form and with the progress of the spirit through the ever-changing personality vehicles. And, with the expansion of consciousness that succeed each form life to life. Wisdom deals with the essence of things and not with the things themselves. It is the intuitive perception of truth apart from the reasoning faculty; the innate perception that can distinguish between real and unreal. Wisdom might be described as the gradual blending of the mystic and the occultist and is the therefore the erecting of the temple of wisdom on the foundation of knowledge.
  • Knowledge is the science of matter, wisdom is the science of the spirit
  • Knowledge separates and is objective, wisdom is synthetic and subjective
  • Knowledge divides, wisdom unites
  • Knowledge differentiates, wisdom blends
  • Understanding—defined as the Faculty of Thinker in Time, able to appropriate Knowledge as the foundation of wisdom.  Understanding is that which enables the individual to adapt the things of form to the life of spirit. Wisdom deals with the One Self; Knowledge with the Not-Self; Understanding is the point of view of the Thinker or his relationship between Wisdom and Knowledge.

Initiation is the normal process of evolutionary development.  It leads to the mountaintop where vision can be obtained—a vision of the Eternal Now, where past, present and future exist as one.  A vision of the golden pageant of all the races with the golden thread of pedigree carried through the many types of personality vehicles.  A vision of the golden sphere that holds all life forms—deva, human, animal, vegetable, mineral, elemental— held in unison through many evolutions and through which can be seen pulsating life beating in regular rhythm.

Initiation leads to the cave within whose circumscribing walls the pairs of opposites are known, and the secret of good and evil are revealed.  It leads to the Cross and to the absolute sacrifice which must transpire before perfect liberation can be attained. Only then does the initiate stand free of all earth’s shackles, and is held by nothing in the three worlds—Physical, Emotional and Mental. Initiation leads Man to the Hall of Wisdom and puts into his hands the key to all information, systemic and cosmic, in graduated sequence.

L.V.X—May Light be Extended Upon You!

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From Mysticism to Occultism…

We are transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the New Age of Aquarius with fear and birth pangs…

The essential next step in the evolution of human consciousness cannot be further delayed to accommodate fear. We are now living in what the Ageless Wisdom teaching describe as the Age of Occultism—the Aquarian Age—as we move out of the Piscean Age of Mysticism.

A friend told me years ago after paging through my first book ‘Understanding Your Choice’ and seeing the words occult/occultism that the Christian community would greatly object to those terms and so she suggested I change them in my book.  I, of course, told her I would do no such thing and that in fact they should be emphasized given the fact that according to the arcane mystery teachings, this Age of Aquarius is one of developing an occult understanding of life.

The paralyzing effects of the fear of anything should always be countered by the light of knowledge and pure reason and not acquiesence to ignorance and fear.

The first step of any sincere aspirant of this age is to take the time to understand the fundamental differences between the Age of Pisces with its dominant feature of Mysticism and the New Age of Aquarius with its dominant focus of Occultism.

The aspirant must have an understanding of the basic and enduring potencies of the last two thousand years of the Age of Pisces, and they must be achieved so that they provide the foundation on which to build the next level of knowledge. These principles must at the same time be balanced within the context of the new ideas and idealisms of the Aquarian Age to be brought into objectivity and to be expressed in a new and different way.  This knowledge is essential for the new Aquarian civilization and culture to be correctly and effectively produced and for the proper foundations to be laid for the correct development of the human being and the human family in this new cycle.

It is important then to compare some of the key differences between the two Ages and to lay out some of the objectives and orientations of each age to give a better understanding of the goals of the Masters of Wisdom in their continued goal of achieving humanity’s liberation.

The Objectives of the Mystical Age of Pisces were to:

1. Orient man to the world of higher values, since the outstanding characteristic under the old regime was devotion.   Now humanity must seek and hold a one-pointedness toward the soul in preparation for the emergence of the fifth kingdom—God-Man—in the Aquarian age.  All world religions have been built around some embodied Idea and these different world religions under the Piscean Age were adapted to specific nations, races and times.  That idea was designed to embody some truth through the medium of a particular Teacher who would attract those for whom He/ She expressed the highest goal toward which the population of that time could strive.

2.  Unfold the “capacity for abstraction” in Man to enable him to appreciate ideas and become able to formulate these ideas toward ideals—a direct evidence of the work of the Spiritual Hierarchy in expanding human consciousness through education, emotional development and maturity during the Piscean Cycle.

3.  Fade out the desire of devotees to impose their idealistic fanatical dreams of religious idealism on others to merciless excesses

4. Shifted mankind away from the material values of life, under the principle of desire.  Unlike in previous times, when a few evolved Souls would accomplish this stage of development called renunciation, at this time large numbers of mankind are motivated and are now ready to make great sacrifices for an Idea they believe in.  This includes even being ready to die for a major world need, an empire or a nation.  This is a major racial achievement of the Masters of Wisdom who has been able to shift the attention of humanity into the world from which these ideas emerge and onto higher and less material values.

5.  Develop discrimination in Man. The sense of taste is associated with discrimination and the development of taste reached a very high state over the last two thousand years of the era Age of Pisces.  This new and highly cherished sense of “good taste” is a new thing since this was usually the prerogative or a highly cultured few.  This is an evolutionary achievement and is the correspondence on the higher plane of discriminating sense of values.  The Piscean Age can therefore been noted for the evolutionary unfoldment of—Desire, Taste and Discrimination— a preparation of the personality vehicle of the more mature individual for the inflow of the soul forces for the intrinsic expression of the true nature of the man.

The Objectives for the Occult Age of Aquarius:

This new age will be characterized by many changes.  We are beginning to see them, and they are generating much fear in the public at large who are seeing an almost radial departure from the way things were. This age is called one of Alchemy, Ceremonial Order and Magic.  One in which the magical work will be that process in which man goes in search of the magical agent within himself used in the making of the Philosopher’s Stone in integrating the physical, astral and emotional bodies and not only in the individual man but the Body of the Race of Man.

Organization, Service, Relationship, Brotherhood and the rise of the Feminine to her rightful place of equality, power and rulership are some of the hallmarks of this Age. The three things that will definitely be manifested on the planet are:

Changes in civilization and the culture of humanity that will be initiated by the intelligentsia. The concepts and energies of the differences of the Ages will be understood by the Intelligensia as impulsed by the Masters of Compassion. They in turn will transmit these concepts and energies downward to the masses to reverse the involutionary path and re-direct humanity on the upward path toward liberation.

These forces are also directed downward to the other kingdoms in nature to initiate and produce a different quality in the soul manifestation to consequently produce changes in their forms.

A difference in the types of souls which will now be incarnating on the planet…

As the occult energies pour into the etheric body of the planet and consequently into that of each individual, a New World Order is being put in place so that the arcane mysteries can be revealed through them.  The majority of the souls who were in incarnation in the age that is moving out were mystical in nature, and so we are seeing the emergence of seventh ray or occult types appearing who will carry out the work of synthesis, fusion, and oneness.  The separation and division of the outgoing age being replaced!

This new occult force will produce the Western School of Occultism just as the Piscean Age produced the Eastern School of Occultism.  There will be a shift of the light in the East to over Europe and America bringing about a synthesis of the mystical way and the occult path.  The rules of the road will not be discarded but; the same road will be followed and the same goals will be achieved but the procedures will be changed to accommodate the new types now in incarnation.

In the comparison of mysticism and occultism, it must be noted that a mystic is not necessarily an occultist but the occultist embraces the mystic and in fact, mysticism is only one step on the path of occultism.  The mystical path is one of “love” and can be termed the probationary Path while the occult path is one of “Will”.  The mystic fails in the purpose of his being if he is unable to co-ordinate love demonstrated in activity through the use of intelligent Will, to become an occultist, which he must!  In a similar way the occultist becomes a selfish exponent of intelligent power unless he is able to find a purpose of that Will and Knowledge to express, motivated through love.

The mystic deals with the form in evolution and the God within that form and works from the center to the periphery, while the occultist deals with the form itself.  The occultist works with God in outer manifestation, and reverses the process from the periphery to the center.

The mystic mounts the spiritual cross through aspiration and intense devotion to God or a Master who he recognizes, while the occultist attains by the recognition of the law that is in operation and wields that law, which binds matter. He then manipulates matter to meet the needs of the life that is within the given form.  In essence, the occultist works with the Intelligences who work with the law until he attains that Intelligence himself.  The mystic at the final initiation is merged into the occultist for he now has become a student of the law who must work with matter.  The occultist, therefore, includes the characteristics of the mystic.

The Mystical Form Type…

The mystic broods on that inner center of consciousness as he concentrates upon the God within him.  From this center he attempts to link himself to his Master, some saint or the Divine Himself.  He pays little attention, however, to the bodies within which the consciousness dwells.  In the elevation of his consciousness, he works with the divine fire within and moves from fire to fire, always concentrating on abstractions and on the essence of that life and not on the concrete aspects of that life.  If the mystic had his way he would eliminate form totally, and as he harmonizes, loves, works and burns with fire through devotion, he aspires to leap from the plane of the emotions to that of intuition while attempting to eliminate the concrete mind in meditation.  The only form the mystic is said to use if the ladder of fire, and through graded realizations of the indwelling Fire, plans to touch the fire of the universe.  He is visionary, dreamy, impractical, emotional, and lacking the quality of mind called discrimination.  The mystic is intuitive and prone to martyrdom and self-sacrifice, and before the mystic can achieve Initiation, he must:

Through meditation bring his whole nature under the law, learn the value of form and build it…

Learn to appreciate the concrete, and to understand the many bodies through which life manifests and their place in the whole scheme of things.

Learn about his own spirit-matter microcosmic vehicle in which he exist.

The Occult Form Type:

For the occultist form presents very little resistance.  With the Age of Aquarius embodying the Ray of Form and with its focus being Ceremonial Magic, Ritual and Alchemy, the energy of this Age powerfully facilitates a rapid development of occult knowledge and its easy assimilation.  We will also see the appearance of many occultists in the outer world.

In contrast to the Mystic, the occultist is more pre-occupied with the form though which the entity manifests, than with the entity himself.  While the mystic attempts to transcend or eliminate the mind in trying to find the true Self, the occultist because of his interest in the form which veils the Self, and through the intelligent use of the principle of the mind, he arrives at the same point as the mystic.

He recognizes the bodies or sheaths which veil the true Self and applies himself to the study of the laws that govern the solar system that is in manifestation, of which he is the microcosm.  In his study, he arrives at the central life by a process of elimination through conscious knowledge and control.  He meditates on form (e.g. geometric symbols), until the form reveals to him the creator hidden within, and by that form.  What is revealed is that the form and the Self veiled by that form are in fact one and the same and that—Spirit is the highest form of Matter, and Matter is the lowest form of Spirit.

The path of the occultist requires that he does the following:

Learn and apply the law to his own unfoldment through rigid self-discipline, not the least because of the potential dangers involved, are quite different from those encountered by the mystic.  The need to wield the law from the point of curiosity, and the desire for power must be burnt out of him, so must pride and selfishness.  Only then can the secrets of the path be safely entrusted to his care.

He must, through meditation on the form he has built, concentrate upon the indwelling life within and seek the inner burning Divine Fire that radiates all forms and shelters all Divine Life.

Through his scientific study of the macrocosm which is the kingdom of God without, he must reach a point where he locates the kingdom of God within, and this is the place where the occultist merges the mystic within himself and thus the occultist and the mystic become one.

In this regard, the Age of Aquarius offers great challenges and opportunities for Self-knowing, Adeptship and Initiation.



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Summer Solstice, Grand Cross and Isis Unveiled!

Isis Unveiled!

  Isis,  Keeper of the Ancient Mysteries!

Many might be asking…what are the ancient mysteries anyway?  Well, this is a body of knowledge that has existed for centuries and, it might be accurate to say, since the beginning of time.  It  is informed by such Masters of Wisdom as Jesus whom we call the Christ, Buddhah, Loa-Tse, Hermes, Thoth, Quetzacoatl, Saint Germaine, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, the symbolic Harim Abiff of the Masonic legend and many, many others who have walked this planet as humans from every race, culture and geographic region as representatives of humanity.   By following the path of Initiation, they achieved Adeptship!  Who is an Adept?…One who has mastered his ‘lower nature’ to become master of himself and all the kingdoms below him…God-Man, member of the Fifth Kingdom as Jesus became, being the elder brother of the race of man…the wayshower! While Buddah was the wayshower for the Age of Pisces just now ended, Jesus the Christ is the wayshower for the Age of Aquarius we have just entered.

Buddah incarnated to show humanity how to walk the mystical path toward Initiation.  Then, two thousand years ago Jesus came onto the plane of matter to walk the seventh stage, the occult path, and the ultimate toward —Initiation!  That is the goal of mankind…Initiation!

Like any good teacher, Jesus left the blueprint for how to achieve initiation, and then disappeared, allowing mankind to follow the blueprint left behind to unfold himself with the guidance and direction of the advanced souls on the planet.  He knew that for anyone to achieve enlightenment, he must wrestle with himself to overcome erroneous ideas of separation, to reconcile the seven pairs of opposites —

  • Fertility and Sterility
  • Peace and Strife
  • Grace and Sin
  • Life and Death
  • Wealth and Poverty
  • Wisdom and Folly
  • Dominion and Slavery

which will liberate him from the bondage of ignorance!

Over the last two thousand years during the Age of Pisces which was responsible for the development of consciousness in the cells, the Lords of Compassion were responsible for overseeing the proper development of the physical, emotional and mental bodies of each individual so that his or her personality vehicle would be able to house the divine idea perfectly…to result in Initiation!

Jesus’ role was to demonstrate to humanity that he, Man, can, is expected to, and will achieve full Adeptship while in human form as he did…that is why he is called the wayshower…he was here to show the way, not to be worshipped.

Living among us, are thousands of souls in every land who have achieved Adeptship…they walk among us but because the eyes of mankind are not yet fully opened, they cannot be seen.   Mankind is still caught up with the illusion of matter, the sensational and that which dazzles!  This is changing rapidly and to give us a huge jolt toward this end the “stars” are now aligned to facilitate this movement forward.

The Masters of Wisdom operate behind the scenes to orchestrate and shape the unfolding of individuals, governments, countries, and both public and private institutions to establish the Divine Plan on Earth.

All along the way, Humanity has been impulsed by divine energy, goading him on toward the established goal of full self-knowledge which is what we call Enlightment.

For the first time in the history of Humanity, a large number or ‘critical mass’ is now ready to simultaneously embark on the path of Initiation!  The Divine Mother is initiating the process!

Astrologers tell us that this rare alignment of the planetary bodies Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus is going to be in a special configuration designed to emit a significant impulse of divine force to accelerate the process of conscious evolution for mankind and all the kingdoms below beginning on the summer solstice on June 21st together with the Grand Cross alignment of July 7th…one can see the hand of Isis in this alignment because the number for July 7th , 2010 is 17…the number of the “Star” in Qabalistic Tarot…Isis Unveiled!

Of Isis is written atop the Temple of Sais:

I, Isis, am all that has been, that is, or shall be; no mortal man hath ever me unveiled.  The fruit, which I have brought forth, is “the Sun.”

I am Isis, mistress of the whole land; I was instructed by Hermes and with Hermes, I invented the writings of the nations, in order that not all should write with the same letters.  I gave mankind their laws, and ordained what no one can alter.  I am the eldest daughter of Kronos; I am the wife and sister of the King Osiris.  I am she who rises in the Dog-star.  I am she who is called the goddess of women.  I am she who separated the heaven from the earth.  I have pointed out their paths to the stars.  I have invented seamanship.  I have brought together men and women.  I have ordained that the elders shall be beloved by the children. With my brother, Osiris, I made an end to cannibalism.  I have instructed mankind in the mysteries.  I have taught reverence of the divine statues.  I have established the temple precincts.  I have overthrown the dominion of the tyrants.  I have caused men to love woman.  I have made justice more powerful than silver than gold.  I have caused truth to be considered beautiful.37

(Erman’s Handbook of Egyptian Religion)

Isis is the keeper of the ancient mysteries,  She has held the secrets of life until Humanity is mature enough to comprehend their inner meaning and their application to life.

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